RAF Club

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Pictures from what was possibly my first visit to the RAF Club, some time in July 2000, possibly the 6th.

Here we are in the Cowdray lounge, possibly before dinner, although the times were lost on most of these images so it is hard to tell.

A sneaky shot of Byrnie and Rob, possibly from behind a chair.

A similarly sneaky shot of Mark. This picture is one of the only ones with a time on it, and it says 19:49. If that's correct, it could well be before dinner, assuming we took our table at 8.

Me, in a shirt/tie combination I'm no longer happy with, and Rob, in a shirt/tie combination I wasn't happy with at the time either.

Quite possibly this is after dinner, here in the library.

Mark, myself and Rob sit around perusing various interesting tomes in the library.

Same picture again, but I had a go at increasing the brightness so you could get a better idea of what the interior looks like.

Rob and Mark conversing casually on the back stairs.

A close up of that conversation.

Back in the cowdray lounge it seems. Rob well set up for a "poisonus monkey!" routine.

Mark, by this point only wearing two pieces of his three piece suit.

Not the best possible angle, all things considered.

Me, looking a bit swarthy.

Mark, with another of his trademark hand gestures.

Byrnie, attempting to confuse the wall opposite him.

Mark taking notes on Byrnie's technique.

Byrnie relaxing after a successful confusion was achieved.

Rob thoroughly approving of it all.

Me attempting to act as a human spirit level....

...but simply not able to keep it up...

...which consequently made me very cross, it would appear.

On the tube on the way back, Mark day dreams about cake and custard.

Whilst me and Byrnie look, well, confused.