RAF Club with Ian

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A trip to the RAF Club made with Rob's friend Ian, a jolly nice chap, on Thursday 4th January 2001.

19:21:37 Here's Ian on the left, myself on the right, in the library bar, on the ground floor. Jolly nice too.

19:22:25 Mr. Lang is of course present also.

19:22:34 Ian enjoying a very appropriate G&T.

19:36:44 Me, with a slightly odd facial expression.

19:36:52 Rob, possibly a self portrait, and obviously he's a bit jittery.

19:37:02 Possibly trying to work out which glass is mine.

19:37:17 Rob and Ian, relaxing in the lap of luxury.

19:46:32 This is the life...

19:46:42 Interesting angle here - I believe Rob was in charge of the camera at this point...

19:49:44 Me, with a shirt/tie combination I'm now beginning to question.

21:55:45 After dinner, having retired to the Cowdray lounge, Rob reads something or other, whilst having coffee.

21:56:21 Me, looking a bit perplexed for no apparent reason.

21:56:35 Oh, to hell with it.

21:56:52 Not sure why so many pictures of me where necessary...

21:57:01 I think that's over at the bar, and, by the looks of things, we had the room to ourselves.

21:57:12 This picture has a great sense of depth - well done Rob. Also displays the sheer loveliness of the decor etc.

21:58:29 Ian with a cigarette, and me fiddling with something unimportant looking.

21:58:50 Aha... clearly the cigars have emerged.

21:58:58 Not sure where these came from, but they may have been purchased from the club itself.

21:59:06 Probably it's gone out already.

21:59:18 Perhaps a second round of coffee? Not much booze being consumed at this point!

21:59:44 Errr.... not sure.

22:01:04 Coffee, cigar, marvellous.

22:01:13 Interesting picture you've taken there Rob.

22:02:03 Still drinking coffee...

22:02:16 ...and that cigar doesn't seem to be disappearing too quickly either. Nice selection of lighting in this one, by the way.

22:06:54 Rob, and Her Majesty the Queen in the background.

22:09:53 Ian, starting to look a little tired.

22:09:58 Myself, still with that bloody cigar.

22:10:07 Yes, definitely a bit tired.

22:10:20 Not sure if we left soon after this, or just stopped taking photographs here...