RAF Club with Tom

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Another visit to the RAF Club, made on Thursday 31st October 2002, this time to show Tom around. I didn't seem to take many pictures this time, but I thought it proper to upload them anyway, for completeness' sake.

19:24:56 Mr. Lang, enjoying a good old G and T, in the Running Horse Bar downstairs.

19:25:01 Mr. Rowan, joining us at the club for the first time I believe, and looking very dapper.

19:25:43 Rob looking not that much different from the previous picture.

19:25:48 Tom, with a slightly odd outline around him, an effect of the camera I assume.

19:25:59 Mr. Lang and Mr. Rowan, looking sophisticated.

19:26:05 Mr. Land and Mr. Rowan, looking blurred.

19:26:34 Myself, possibly the only picture I appeared in, relaxing in the corner with Mr. Lang.

19:26:39 Could this be the camera part way through being dropped off the table?

19:32:01 Rob squeezing in yet another G&T before dinner.

21:52:45 After dinner, giving Tom a brief guided tour.

21:53:16 Rob examining the squadron emblems.

21:53:57 Lovely corridor.

21:54:13 Ah, yes, I do appear in another picture, in fact, this one.

21:55:40 An interesting bit of composition here, thanks for that Rob.