Reading University Reunion 2003

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Some pictures from the Reading University Grand Reunion on Saturday July 12th 2003. Seemingly I wasn't in a very photographic mood as I didn't take many pictures (in fact a lot of these were taken by Chie). It was an odd sort of night - no real surprises there for me, there were only a handful of people there I knew, and most of them I'd seen fairly recently anyway. Chie had arranged to go with a big group of her old friends from St. George's Hall, so I guess on the reunion front she fared a lot better. Anyway, it was nice to get back in the union again.

21:02:36 Outside the union, just before we all went in.

21:58:47 Tetsu and Hide doing Canpai with lovely student union plastic glasses.

21:59:05 Tetsu missed us, and got this very nice picture of the ceiling instead.

21:59:25 Me and Chie - I think I must have caught the sun a bit earlier, or maybe it was just bloody hot in the union!

22:00:03 Hide and Tetsu, bizarrely out of focus.

22:44:48 More or less the sum total of old friends I met on the night that I hadn't already arranged to come with.

22:50:16 Chie, with the throng of people outside the toilets in the background.

22:54:20 Me, still looking severely overheated, and Chie, taken quite pleasingly with the self timer.

23:23:16 Must be on the dancefloor.

23:23:33 ...and again.

23:23:59 Vince and Danilo.

23:24:18 Vince and Yumippe.

23:24:34 Almost a group picture - nice!

23:24:47 Caroline and Bojidar.

23:24:54 More people on the dancefloor.

00:15:21 Poor old Yumippe had flown in from Vietnam the morning of the reunion, so was understandably pretty tired by now! (Chie was just pretending to sleep).