Simon visiting England

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Simon had to come from Hungary to England on a business trip and was, amazingly enough, working in Reading. So, whilst he was here, we met up on two nights - Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th March 2003. The first night we went for a curry, and were also honoured by an appearance from Pops, and the second night Simon came to my flat for dinner.

21:14:24 Here's Pops and Simon at an Indian Restaurant in Reading, whose name I've forgotten.

21:15:07 Me and Chie, the other side of the table.

21:15:45 Pops, me and Simon. Pops here is holding the dessert menu, which, if I recall, they didn't have any of, because the freezer was brokem.

21:18:52 Quite odd lighting in here, but you know, I kind of like it.

22:03:41 It seemed only good and proper to wash down our curries with some beer in the Hobgoblin afterwards.

22:36:45 Me and Pops with an array of beermats behind us.

22:37:27 Me and Simon, possibly examining a stepladder.

21:47:21 The next day, Simon came to my flat for dinner...

21:47:59 ...tempted by the promise of hot sake! Here we both are drinking it, served perhaps inappropriately with pasta.

21:48:56 This must have been a self-timer of the three of us, but clearly something, perhaps a bit of an armchair, seems to have got in the way...

23:08:02 Although Simon had gone by now, Chie didn't see this as a reason to stop taking pictures!

23:09:21 I think this one is quite arty.

23:09:36 Me again.

23:10:01 Chie looking at the camera, which is looking at me, who is looking at the TV.

23:12:48 Me, with one of the Daruma pots Chie's friend gave us.

23:13:11 Chie with the other Daruma pot. Nice composition here!