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Friday 9th September 2005 - The Meeting !!

Posted on 2005/09/09 23:37:25 (September 2005).

Today I was a bit nervous.

As you might remember from earlier posts me and my colleagues were left shocked before the holidays when the directors told us that part of us were going to be moved to a differnt place 20km away from the main factory. In that occasion we said that after the holidays it would have been a good idea to meet among ourself to discuss about this brilliant idea.

Well today I have managed SUCCESSFULLY, to gather 20 people that usually don't speak to each other, and to have a very positive meeting about this issue, coming out with a proper plan to put in practice that was shared and agreed by all of the partecipants.

Though it might seems a small achievement, to me is probably on of the greatest things that I have done in this company, having to discuss a common action involving people with very different backgrounds, interests, mentality and risk adversions.

The main problem was to make sure that everyone was at ease with this meeting, infact no boss was there to trample our bollocks, but this could have been seen as a possible Gunpodwer Plot (which was not). So the first part of the meeting was spent reassuring everyone that our directors knew of this meeting (I sent them a mail beforehand). The rest was a very good open discussion of the problems and of the way to solve them, and how to present them to the board.

All in all I am happy at this very small step forward, of course the practical part of the job has still to come, so nothing is done yet, but at least today I walked away from the company a bit happier and surely a bit more experienced in the way to manage people.

Now I need to find someone that gives me the chance to prove that I can do it properly, I still hate my job and the directors I am working for!

Comment 1

Lorenzo, I thought I had written a comment to this post earlier on today, but when I checked back I couldn't find it, so my spaggy fingers must have failed to hit the "post" button or something.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I think it is really great that you held this meeting. It is better still that the directors knew about it - I think the fact that this meeting even took place will give them some serious food for thought. Even if this battle isn't won, I am sure your fellow colleagues will look up to you in the future for being the one person that really tried to make a difference. I am proud of you!

Posted by John at 2005/09/10 15:38:20.

Comment 2

Don’t you fear to get blacklisted by your bosses ? Not that I am questioning your meeting (it’s a good thing), but they may hold a grudge against you. They can be so thick sometimes.

Posted by Sheri at 2005/09/10 18:24:21.

Comment 3

John/Sheri: It 's a good thing and surely my boss will think about it, but as Sheri said I think that he will look at it only under a negative side. The good thing is that I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK, if he's angry at me, I managed to organize this meeting during lunch break so that we cannot be retaliated by the company, and the message that I will send them on Monday is full of "we want to collaborate" things, so on the surface I cannot be attacked. If they fire me they have to pay me, which to be honest is a very good solution to my problems, but they don't have the balss to do it, because I am good at what I do and they cannot afford to loose me now. I LOVE beign hated by superiors, I am not the type of person that holds back, it's both a good and bad side of me. But at least I always walk head up!

Posted by Lox at 2005/09/10 21:56:40.

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