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Thursday 15th September 2005 - Meet the Parents

Posted on 2005/09/16 18:50:57 (September 2005).

Today was quite a big day for me, not because what happened changed my life, but because I was sweating over it and I am glad that I got it off my chest.
Basically i was summoned by out Human Resources Director, in order to hold and "informal" meeting with him regarding some problems that he thought were happening between me and my direct superior.
Well, at first, when he asked me if I was available last week, I thought that they wanted to fire me, fortunately this is not what happened. Not that I care if they do, but I'd rather for it to be my choice, and not theirs.
Anyways it was an informal meeting so the feeling was really "relaxed" and easy going, I have explained what I feel both towards my job and and superiors (going into details), what are the problems that we have, and my opinion on the move to Ratti that we are all going to make very soon.
He wanted to know why I am so downhearted, what would I like to do, as he thinks that i have a lot of potential that is untapped and that the company wants to use.
Anyways after 2 hours of meeting I can say that it was quite positive, even though we didn't give the meeting any practical follow up. As for my direct superior I told him that I was one of his major sponsors up to 1 year and half ago (when he joined), but my ideas have now radically changed, so surely I am to blame for 50%, but it seems strange to me that I have had such a bit change of views just by myself.
Anyways let's see what happens, I guess that he will want to see me again, but at least I can do my trips to Asia and get the surgery, these two are top priorities for me at the moment...
There are pitfalls in all of this. As usual the evasive tone was not something that I have liked. He said that he cannot promise anything but will see if he can employ me in something that is not sales related (after all everyone can do it I don't need degrees and massive language skills, many sell in Asia barely knowing english). You cannot trust them too much, I have learnt it on my skin and I hope that I don't make any more mistakes...

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will you ever leave this f*** job or are going to complain about your bosses for the rest of your life? :P

Posted by you-know-who at 2005/09/20 08:43:39.

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