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On the erosion of Mountains

Posted on 2006/02/14 14:39:12 (February 2006).

[13th February 2006]

I guess that before a landslide a mountain begins crumbling slowly and little by little, at first releasing a couple of rocks and then increasing the payload, everything falls to pieces and villages disappear together with careless mountaineers (caught while having sex), flora and fauna.

This is the closet image that I have in my mind when I think about the company where I am working, it didn't take long to understand that the move to the main offices of our division is just a way to cut jobs, get people to go and generally speaking closing the division altogether.
I would have never imagined how bad things are getting if I didn't come here. Mostly because the day to day management is now completely out of hand, and of course being in the commercial department means that all the crap ends up here.
I could brag about people not wanting to do any work, people answering in a rude manner and not giving the info needed, people refusing to do simple tasks because if they do so they might be asked in the future, but I will not deepen my analysis into these phenomenon.

Funny thing is that with Marta leaving us soon (no officiality has been given yet, though half of the company already knows about it), I am going to suffer immensely on my markets as the person that is going to replace her is (apparently) a lady from another division who doesn't know how we work, what difficulties we have in getting answers from our colleagues and most than anything knows (and "gives a") shit about this product and clients.
After 5 years where I put my endeavors to grow a team with Marta and our agents in a way that the daily work could be as easy and coordinated as possible (I have to say that we have been quite successful in doing it), starting again feels like having built nothing at all, and this time I am not prepared to give an extra effort, mostly due to the totally compromised relationships with this company, after all I am paid to sell, not to build a successful team (my boss should do it in my view, but he's just too crap at that).

Of course this is the negative thinking, I have to remind myself that Marta is leaving the division for a better opportunity and that is also thanks to our work (and my teachings I hope).

On the other side there is a strange feeling on my side, I am very jealous of my Japanese Market, and even if Marta is not going to take anything from me, the idea of having her at the same time I am there is quite bothering.
Yes, though it might seem strange I am now used to travel alone.
I have been doing it for a long time, and though I like to spend time with friends and colleagues, my first reaction of having to see her in Japan is not a positive one (sort of "no, not here too!!").
I think that the fact that she was offered the position and I wasn't asked anything is also part of the story, but I think that it has to do more with the fact that so far all the Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese experiences have always been "my own" only, and I like them to stay that way.

There is also the fact (not a small one) that so far I have been the only salesperson in the Italian textile world, that could speak Japanese, and since I am a competitive bastard (and I am not able to simply switch off this feature), in my subconscious I feel threatened by this new mushroom that popped up in my garden.

Oh well, I hope that it will all wear off, as there is really no risk at all, actually, I hope that I can go away soon, so that I will be finally confronted with other issues and challenges.

Comment 1

LESS MIND SAWS! (Lox will understand)

About the 'erosion' of your company... why should you care about it?
Do you love your company, and do you worry about its destiny? No.
Are you afraid of your feelings with your boss geting worse? No, you can't hate him more.
Are you unprepared to your company's final crash? No, you have been telling about it since long time ago.
The situation is not worse than you expected. Be confident, be patient, don't get emotinally involved. The race is hard and long, but you will prevail.

Ok, stop joking, back to work.

Posted by Lank at 2006/02/16 16:37:04.

Comment 2

Maybe you are right, maybe it's just the fact that these days are really quiet at work and I have nothing to do... Mmm I'll try to concentrate on something else.. the wheel MUST spin my way sooner or later, and trust me I am doing everything that I can to get it to do it!

That would have been (LESS MIND WANKS)

Posted by Lox at 2006/02/16 22:19:41.

Comment 3

Oh, but if "less mind wanks" is the correct english expression, it's not 'Italiese'!


Posted by Lank at 2006/02/17 07:50:21.

Comment 4

I see... Actually I didn't see it coming! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/02/17 07:57:08.

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