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Fight Club

Posted on 2006/03/07 14:43:40 (March 2006).

[6th March 2006]

OOOOHHHH boy... where do I begin?

I set up today for work, knowing that my planned actions might have resulted in instant firing in two separate occasions, so you can imagine my state of mind and heart at 7,30 in the morning.....

The problems that I needed to address with my bosses were basically two:

1. They didn't tell me anything about Marta leaving until last week, when I was in Florence I have got this email from my boss saying that they made official that the Marta was going and that the replacement is a girl who doesn't have more than 8 months experience in completely different things from what we do. I was expecting at least a MENTION to this change, maybe even informal, but since I am the responsible for the market I think it would have been correct for them to just let me know. Of course this didn't happen.

2. The whole change needed to be addressed under a practical point of view, as timing (5 days) is completely useless.

3. I had to complain about the conditions in which they put me with this decision.

In order to create maximum havoc I had decided to bypass my direct superior and to go and speak face to face with the general director. This was to teach the guy above me how does someone feels when is completely ignored and instead should be at least informed of certain things.

The first meeting was very calm, I exposed my grief and complaints, but, as I was expecting I didn't managed to get anything but some informal half-excuses for the treatment received and nothing more. All my proposals were kindly sent back. I made myself clear at least, saying that if this treatment was aimed at me leaving the company I didn't have any problem in resigning, they just needed to ask me and I would go (apparently this is not the case)...

After 1 hour and half I walked away for the second round of my very own Fight Club experience, the hardest round yet to face.

My boss is what I consider an "Orgoglione", a mix of two words in Italian ("Orgoglioso"=Proud; "Coglione"= technically means "Testicle" but when related to a person means an Idiot/Asshole). I knew that he would have been upset.

The bombshell exploded around 13,30 when he called me to his office to ask me:
Boss - "You have never done any military service, have you?"
Evil Lox - "No, I didn't. Is that a problem to you?" in a defiant tone.
Boss - "Well it doesn't matter because you really hurt me today...You will not DARE bypassing me in the future!" in a false, I am almost dying, tone
Evil Lox - "What can I say? I paid you back with your own currency; I don't see why you are upset."

After this the argument took the usual screaming pattern, he was trying to deny that he didn't tell me anything, that he is the boss, that he know better than me. Among the several things that he said it's worth mentioning:

1. "If we were out of here, you would see how I would behave!” to which I replied "Are you threatening me? Is this a threat? No, because if it is then we can go out now if you want."
2. "WHO IS YOUR BOSSS!!!? TELL ME NOW WHO IS YOUR BOSS!!!!" to which I replied "The general manager is above us all, right?"
3. "You a re a false person!!"

At this point Marta (who was right there during the argument), intervened and started saying that he could not say these kind of things and that if there was a false person it wasn't me! My boss decided then to take us two in his office again to discuss further. Fortunately the tones went down and we managed to get some points across.
He trenched himself behind the fact that until it was all official he couldn't tell anyone about it, I told him that if he want to create a team he MUST act differently. Logically speaking he's right, but human relationships are not logical and I felt extremely bad about it all.
Eventually he told me that he doesn't trust me anymore, that I must do more for the company, that he doesn't like the fact that I am sitting waiting for the company to make a move.
I told him that if he needs help (now more than ever I am the ONLY salesman left!!!) I am ready to do it, but he knows the conditions that I put forward.
I am not interested in growing in sales, but if this is what I must do, since I am a professional with 5 years experience, I expect the company to translate the extra effort into something (especially because hiring another person from outside will cost a lot more in a short time, and doesn't guarantee anything).
On the top of this I have my style of working, so if I must take care of more markets it has to be done my way.

He had to leave for a client so the talk ended prematurely, he called me later saying that he wants me to go out for dinner with him so that we can talk more calmly and outside the office... On Thursday we are going to meet, let's see what this argument will bring.
I feel that explaining my points and the mood of the office is important and can be constructive, the main problem is that he usually HEARS what I say, but doesn't LISTEN. In the past these moments of reconciliations never really translated in a positive improvement, but I guess it's worth a try...

Comment 1

Ah! Well at least Marta came to your side!! I hope things are ok with you two. It sounds as though you are good together! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/03/07 15:38:26.

Comment 2

Lox beloved, second me you have mistaken all. I would have hunted Marta of house and I would have fired myself, you are one person with little dorsal thorn. With Samy affection (excuse my poor English but i'm ucraina)

Posted by Samantha (Samy) at 2006/03/07 18:29:29.

Comment 3

'Orgolione' is a good one. 'I pay you back with your own currency' is another good one. How d'you say that in Italian?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/07 19:41:46.

Comment 4

Anyway, it's a good insight. I couldn't imagine that people can actually shout at each other in the precinct of a company. Is it an Italian thing or does it happen in all companies. Or maybe it's just you. You must be such a pain in the arse...! At least for your boss.

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/07 19:46:59.

Comment 5

But I think I understand you. That was a truly nice post. Taught me something.

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/07 19:48:59.

Comment 6

all this story seems directly taken from a Kafka novel... now I am expecting you transforming into a giant bug. Where's my popcorn?

Posted by me-myself-and-I at 2006/03/08 09:13:25.

Comment 7

Nigel: Yes things are better now..

Sheri: "ti ho ripagato con la tua moneta" that would be the italian phrase. Glad you liked the post, I wish things were easier on me though.

Samy: Nice to have you onboard, though I am now curious about that "second me" that sounds terribly Italian to me.. :D
But, wherever might you be from, you are right I have little backbone at the moment...

Me-myself-and-I: Sometimes I feel the same way! The day (if it ever comes) I write a book about these experiences I am sure it will be extremely wierd to read. Some of the things that are happening to me are Kafkian all the way! :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/08 09:24:42.

Comment 8

Well Lox, though your life may be quite sucky, your blog is certainly very exciting at the moment!

Posted by John at 2006/03/08 10:06:26.

Comment 9

Anyway, good news. From Titus Andronicus to Much ado about nothing. From the tragedy to the comedy...

Posted by Jack at 2006/03/08 10:10:53.

Comment 10

It seems that you think the world is pretty much spinning around you, I tell you a secret: world goes where the "frell" (=very geek quotation) it wants. You are a nice guy, don't just pretend things go the way you want... they'll never do. You know, shit happens, it's just about living. Your best friend.

Posted by me-again at 2006/03/08 24:16:40.

Comment 11

John: Mmmmm I can hardly complain can I!? :)

Jack: Mmmm I cannot see the quote there, 'part from the fact that it is a comedy all the way! I hope I'll look back in a couple of years and laugh about it all, at the moment it's quite an heavy burden having to wait until tomorrow to know what will happen...

Me-again: I couldn't hope for a name could I? :D
Still, It's not a matter about worlds spinning around me, I am happy with things as they are at the moment, on the other side my boss wants me to do more (which is fine), but expect me to do it "pro bono"(not so fine)...
By the way what kind of quote is "frell"? Never did greek so I wouldn't know...

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/08 17:14:04.

Comment 12

Petronius Arbiter wrote "Quod hodie non est, cras erit: sic vita traditur" ("If today it is not a good day, tomorrow will be better"). And Wiston Churchill "Don't take the life too seriuosly: you will not survive it anyway!".

Posted by Jack at 2006/03/08 18:09:06.

Comment 13

Dear lox, I call Muashiwa and i'm Inuit. I have read your vicissitude... We are used to sterilize the woman whom it has betrayed and to cut boss's skin of the scrotum because he didn't respect you!

Posted by Muashiwa the Inuit at 2006/03/08 18:24:27.

Comment 14

Hello I call Ignacio and i'm from equador. Before reading your sad history I wanted to kill me, but now I have understood that there is who is worse than me!

Posted by Ignacio the poor at 2006/03/08 18:32:09.

Comment 15

Lox, you are a good and sharp boy. You come from Florence and ever florentines have successed "abroad". Don't fear people from barbarian lands!
You have to be more confident in your capabilities and, above all, future.

Posted by Jack at 2006/03/08 18:53:03.

Comment 16

What a spectacular array of characters you have posting to your blog Lox! My favourite so far is the Inuit guy. I wonder if there might be an African Tribesman waiting in the wings?

Posted by John at 2006/03/08 23:52:53.

Comment 17

Lox: I said "geek" not "gReek"... ohmy... and google has all the frelling answers for you :)

Posted by me-again-and-again (Matteo) at 2006/03/09 07:29:57.

Comment 18

Jack. Churchill said also this: "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/09 07:54:34.

Comment 19

It fits Lox rather well...

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/09 07:57:03.

Comment 20

First of all I break the posts record for this blog today with this twentieth comment! Much rejoicing for that.

John: Fact is, I think I know who is the person behind these characters, but he's great nonetheless, adds that random feature to the posts that is always welcome! :)

Jack: Nice set of quotes there, you should post them more often, you know I look up to this ability of yours! As for suceeding.. well numbers are on my side, but it's clear that they want more from me. Let's see what happens tonight...

Matteo: AHA! I did look for frell around, but the gReek thing put me off track! Now I know! :) Nice to have you onboard anyways.

Sheri: That's what he would like me to say... :D Is it so bad to adhere to the old latin "Do ut Des" (I give to receive) concept?

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/09 09:48:06.

Comment 21

*I give to receive*? Now that sounds pretty self-interested...

Posted by Sheri at 2006/03/09 10:49:29.

Comment 22

Sheri: More of a mutual interest I think, as they are asking me to give something more...

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/09 11:00:15.

Comment 23

Wow this is better than a Catherine Cookson novel. I liked Muashiwa the Inuit too.

Also Lox, please promise, when you have dinner with your boss tonight, not to get angry and fight or your next blog will be from 'prigione'!

Posted by kev at 2006/03/09 15:05:52.

Comment 24

Kev: No way I am going to loose my cool in a public place. I'll have to force myself to be as political as possible. I have already lost too much time thinking about what will happen tonight, and anyways I have a 3 weeks trip ahead of me. I can accept everything that he says, but in the end I have to see how my knee will be at the end of this business trip. Let's see, it's not worth to go to jail for a company/person like this...

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/09 15:10:42.

Comment 25

Lox, thats good to hear, actually perhaps getting out of the work place to have a discussion, along with a few bevvys might make it easier to 'talk'. Good luck anyway.

Posted by Kev at 2006/03/09 15:59:12.

Comment 26

I feel a moment of pseudo-wisdom coming on....

Lox, remember the old business adage: "There is no percentage in making enemies." So enjoy the meal and try and make it positive.

Then give Marta a big, sloppy kiss!!! :)))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/03/09 16:16:17.

Comment 27

Kev: You are right, I am quite "calm" at the moment, I will wait and see what comes along...

Nigel: You are right, at the moment I am not in need of a lot of enemies, so I have to try to make it right...As for the last part.... will most certainly do!

Posted by Lox at 2006/03/09 16:22:22.

Comment 28

I've basically been doing nothing worth mentioning. Today was a total loss. That's how it is. Today was a loss. Basically nothing seems important, but eh. My mind is like an empty room. Basically nothing notable happening these days. My life's been completely boring today.

Posted by smileys at 2007/02/04 21:35:47.

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