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Luca and Laura Wedding

Posted on 2006/05/08 16:27:53 (May 2006).

[6th May 2006]

I have been quite unlucky with weddings. Mostly because they always seem to clash with my work schedule or because they are usually organized in a hurry and that doesn't leave me any chance to rearrange trips.
I have missed Chiara and Christian, Ivan and Angela, Robe an Kate wedding because of that!
With Luca things went differently.....

Luca was nice, he told me WELL in advance, this meant that I could work around it and be present! We set off from Florence on Saturday morning to meet Ivan, Angela, Merco and Fede on the highway going towards Follonica (the place where Luca and Laura were born). Follonica is 1 and half hours away from Florence, on the sea.
We arrived at our hotel, took some ritual pictures and proceeded towards Follonica for a quick bite of pizza before going back to the hotel to get ready.

Around 3 PM we were gearing up for the first event, the pre-wedding breakfast (though it was more like a late lunch)... Here we finally met Luca, his outfit was quite great, pretty much like the tension that he seemed to radiate :)
Around 4ish we then moved towards Punta Ala (one of the nicest places of the area), to the local church, ready to attend to the ceremony. Here we met one of the things that we will surely remember, the PRIEST.
Quite well built (not to say hideously fat), the mess was definitely funny! The guy literally asked the couple WHY the selected some of the passages from the bible that were read in the church, Luca, who is everything BUT a Christian believer, kept asking Laura during the readings not to be caught off-foot.
Eventually another direct question got a weak spot (quite easy I'd say) and Luca simply pointed at Laura saying that she was the one to speak about these matters! (the whole church exploded in laughter).
The priest was not happy anyway, he kept interrupting asking the audience why you mark yourself with the sign of the cross, or how do you call someone that doesn't hear the word of God (the correct answer was "no swearwords please", since the one that hears but doesn't follow was catalogued as an "idiot")...

The couple came out fo the church after the ritual signing of documents to be greeted with a shower of Pasta, Rice, Maccheroni, LASAGNE and Spaghetti... And were soon off to the park for the pictures after taking out all the air balloons that we put in the car.

We went to the main reception to start drinking some aperitifs and getting something to eat, after a couple of hours they arrived and we could start the dinner (quite nice selection of different foodstuff and drinks).

During the party Luca was attacked by several planned Jokes. They were wrapped in toilet paper; the Bride was swapped with a FALSE BRIDE (Giovanni) who should have arrived at the church before the real bride but there was a mistake in the plan and it didn't happen then; Luca was wrapped in ceiling film and more toilet paper: Luca's face was pushed into a plate full of whipped cream (cleverly conned); Laura received a letter from a "Luca's lover"; and their car was subject to a restyle....

A great party, we had a lot of fun, we were all together, what more can you ask? I hope that Luca enjoyed it I am sure that he was happy to have us all there...

So in the end I wish Luca and Laura all the best for their future and the future of their family, as for me I am off to Asia with lots of good memories and a single friend less....


Comment 1

Funny pictures. You had some nice quality time, it appears.

Posted by Sheri at 2006/05/08 17:21:18.

Comment 2

Ha! Now that's what I call a wedding-cake! Amazing! Great photos Lox!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/05/08 21:27:40.

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