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Posted on 2006/05/28 18:58:19 (May 2006).

[26th May 2006]

Second trips in the season mean a lot of travel for me, having to visit several countries and cities. All in all during this trip I have unpacked and re-packed my bags a grand total of 8 times, almost once every two days (well not quite...).

Generally speaking as the trip moves along its programmed path I tend to accumulate a lot of dirty clothes, presents and useless work material that our agents give us back, this time I had so much stuff that I had to throw away quite a lot of things (all work related, I wouldn't dream to loose anything that belonged to me!).

At the time of writing I am on the plane that is getting us back to Frankfurt, from there we'll be on the plane to Milan. The flight was quite shite, mostly because the movies are the same as the other trip I had in Asia 3 months ago. Considering that I can hardly sleep, not having anything to do is a bit of a bugger...

Giovanna has proven to be a very good travel companion, if she could endure my terrible sexist jokes it means that she's got nerve!
Still I hope that she had a good time, I certainly liked having someone around from the company, to whom I can explain all I know about Japan.
I should have been a guide probably...

Back in Italy I am going to have a MASSIVE rest for the weekend, and then next week I will quite surely go to Florence for some holidays.
As a matter of fact I have so many holidays that the company is kindly asking me to take them in order to decrease the total amount... Oh well, I'll see what I can do. If I was single I'd probably go to one of these seaside holiday villages, all inclusive, on the pull.
But attempting to make a move like that in my present situation MIGHT be seen by my partner as a bit out of order (though I did propose it, nonetheless), so I'll see what I can organize later.

Comment 1

Holiday? Yes I think I have heard of that...

The other week when I was ill, I took off 2 and a half days. In one week I used up all of my annual sick leave!

Posted by John at 2006/05/29 12:54:00.

Comment 2

John, you give me the impression that you live in an ant hill where work never ceases.

Lox. Partners! Wives! What can I say...?! I sympathize.

Posted by Sheri at 2006/05/29 08:10:29.

Comment 3

bloody italians - you holiday half the year anyway!:)

Posted by i-cee at 2006/05/29 11:54:05.

Comment 4

I-cee: We are quite a lot on holidays actually... Shame that I never take them so in the end I am pretty much like any other european... DOH!

Posted by Lox at 2006/05/29 13:01:39.

Comment 5

any other european means you holiday half the year!:)

Posted by i-cee at 2006/05/29 13:08:06.

Comment 6

Faudrait dire e0 Adam Levine de mettre un jean moins serre9 la pahocrine fois Du coup, peut-eatre qu'il arrivera e0 faire quelque chose avec ses cordes vocales Sinon, pour le reste, c'est assez consternant.

Posted by Csik at 2013/03/15 22:58:18.

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