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The Goodbye trip begins...

Posted on 2006/07/27 09:50:38 (July 2006).

[26th July 2006]

The title says it all.

My days up north are drawing slowly to an end, next Monday it will be my last day at work here, and I'll start packing up goods and things before leaving for the holidays. When I am back at the end of August I will be moving physically all the packs and I'll be in Florence, hopefully with a clearer idea of what I am going to do in the near future.

As it is custom here in Italy, we had to throw in a goodbye party both for me and Stefania, a designer who's leaving as well.

We decided to invite everyone in this pizza place, we were quite happy to see that a whopping twenty-eight people answered the call and came to have a night out with us, drinking, eating and forgetting about work.

This company was a "diamond" when I joined. In five years, bad management and wrong decisions have reduced it to a sieve, it leaks water everywhere, and it is a dead crying shame.
Fortunately the "family run" feeling is still there, I can say without fear of being contradicted that the group of people is really a good one, and that we have very good relationships with each other, starting from the commercial department and ending up to the weaving sections.

This is what made this company strong in the past, unfortunately now, as they moved us to a different place, this link has been severed a bit.

Anyways, going back to the pizza, the dinner was great, not extremely good, after all a pizza is a pizza, but the atmosphere was sizzling hot with jokes and laughter.
I couldn't imagine a better goodbye dinner, we ended up talking about anecdotes that we have lived in these five years and around midnight we went all back home, happy and drunk as it is meant to be!


The road to the forest was where the choice fell. He started walking towards it, slowly.
When he left the village there was a nice party at the local inn, many friendly faces, many memories dancing in the room.

A fire, music, talks and cold drinks make the soul sing, in anticipation of the trip that lead to the crossroad.
The choice was made, the dice was cast. He still couldn't see clearly ahead of him, apart from a distinctive feeling that it was the right thing to do.

A risk, a gamble. He had many in his previous experiences and he wasn't afraid of it, he had to go.
Instinctively he started to mutter the words of the Fireball spell. As a reminder of what he could do, as a reminder that the fight was ahead and he had to get ready.

Thinking of the ales and roasted mutton that night at the inn, he moved the first steps towards the forest, on the path that was scattered with rocks and clutter.

A difficult way, with a potential high reward...

Or so he hoped.

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Ah, good to have such a friendly evening to finish on!

Watch out for wolves in the forest!! ;)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/07/27 10:43:56.

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