Lorenzo Pirisino

The Hoilidays in Guadeloupe

Posted on 2006/08/23 18:42:11 (August 2006).

[4th - 21st August 2006]

I wanted to write a lot, a daily diary like I did last year, but I thought it would have been tedious to read so I opted for summary instead...

In short is was a great holiday, setting aside some little misunderstandings in the group of friends, and the fact that in the beginning we felt a bit left out of the main group that was living together.

Guadeloupe is a great island, the sea is marvellous, we did a lot of snorkelling and I even managed to see a sea turtle swimming in the ocean, if I think of it I really have no words to describe the regal movements that the turtle had underwater.

We had a lot of great food, mostly fruits and barbecues, and we were also lucky with the weather, it was meant to be rainy and shitty, but in the end we really lost only one day because of rain.

The beach of St.Anne was our favourite spot, we went there quite a lot, the best trip was the one on the catamaran that took us to the iguana's island.

I won't go into too much detail I will let the pictures speak, they do a better work, I am open for questions of course!

Comment 1

Wow!! Great photos, Lox! Must have been great to see all that for real! Yes, I like the sail-boat heading into the storm - very scary! Also the kite and the woman - splendid!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/08/23 22:08:03.

Comment 2

Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing them. Looks like you couldn't have taken a bad picture there even if you tried! :-)

Posted by Malinda at 2006/08/30 19:42:14.

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