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Alessandra Farewell Party

Posted on 2006/10/27 17:39:11 (October 2006).

[25th October 2006]

The choice of having this work related tour on the 24th and 25th was not completely randomized. Three weeks ago I have got a mail from Alessandra, one of my old company's designer, saying that she was going to have a farewell party, as she would finish at the end of October.

So I have arranged the schedule around this event, I couldn't miss it of course!
Ale is a very good friend and coming to the party would have meant seeing all the other people that I have left two months ago.

The party was held in a German restaurant, quite appropriate as she was in charge of the German market.

So in the midst of rivers of Wiessbier and other German delicacy the latest farewell in my old company took place.

Alessandra got a marvelous Furla bag, a lot of cards depicting her life in the company (she worked there for more than 10 years), lots of hugs and kisses.

So many people came that we had to be divided in two tables, this is one aspect that I will always miss of this company; we all felt like a family.

There were some embarrassing points too, like nobody wanted to sit next to the boss. Actually he had the bad idea of sitting first and basically there was a table with twenty people and another with merely ten... Moved by this situation I went in front of him, Marta was next to me, but I think that he realized what happened and he was a little disappointed...

Oh well, you get what you sawed for I guess...

Anyways, Alessandra BEST OF LUCK, BREAK A LEG!

Comment 1

Looks like a good night out, Lox!! I didn't realise the office was so large. Now you are making me wish we had German restaurants in the UK! (Maybe there are, just not where I live!!)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/27 20:55:55.

Comment 2

A great part of the German restaurant are pretzels which I love. Beer is al so quite delicious... :P

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/28 09:13:43.

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