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Slow Saturday

Posted on 2006/10/29 09:26:32 (October 2006).

[28th October 2006]

I was planning to do some work at the new house, starting to drill a couple of holes in the wall, moving some more stuff, opening some boxes.
Unfortunately I was feeling totally crap and decided to skip this bit.

I went in the afternoon with Federico to the Prato Linux Day Festival. It was a good chance to see Mandriva at work, the novelties in terms of Linux systems and some funny things all linux powered such as an electric train that was controlled by the computer...

In the evening I went to see Giancarlo, we watched some football and then off to the late show of an Italian movie called "Fascisti su Marte" (Fascists on Mars), a satire of a very famous Italian comedian.

The movie was nice, nothing mind blowing, but the idea is really good (all shot in a "30's fascist style movie") so it was a good idea to have been able to go there.

That's it really, I am really longing to move to the new house as soon as possible, on Monday morning I will meet the landlady there to discuss when she can remove all the furniture and the surplus bits that are still there. I really can't wait to start a new period over there, times are ripe...

Comment 1

Sounds like a good day, all in all! You got plenty of Linux demo disks? :)))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/29 14:36:39.

Comment 2

Nope... actually I wanted to take them but I was unsure if they were for free or not... .:(

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/29 16:27:07.

Comment 3

Lox, all the disk were for free, you should know. Anyway if you need a particular distro I can download it for you.

Posted by Federico at 2006/10/30 07:46:37.

Comment 4

Fede: Ah..... :( Now I know... Anyways Mandriva looks like a probable candidate, but you have already go that, right?

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/30 09:06:22.

Comment 5

Yes, I already have the Mandriva 2007.0 DVD version. No problem

Posted by Federico at 2006/10/30 09:45:25.

Comment 6

I've tried Mandirva 2006 and thought that was really good and clean. Probably 2007 is better?

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/30 10:30:06.

Comment 7

Nigel: Fede is the expert there, I playied around with Ubuntu, but had some troubles installing things. I think that the newer versions are moving towards a better and easier management of install files, but I am curious about Mandriva and the 3D engine that they put in it is great, it looks like a mac!!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/30 10:56:24.

Comment 8

Yes, I think the installing of Linux applications (and removal) is one area these distros need to address. It's really too hard - even for someone with a little experience.

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/30 24:08:01.

Comment 9

I jumped directly form Mandriva 2005 to 2007 and yes, it's definitely better :-) I like the new 3D desktop a lot. It' still experimental and it's more eye candy than something really useful, but I think that it has a good potential.

Regarding software installing: as long as the software you need is already packaged in the repositories the installation is piece of cake (now they've packaged even Nvidia and ATI drivers). When you need to install something from source sometimes you can have problems

Posted by Federico at 2006/10/30 13:06:09.

Comment 10

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