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Posted on 2006/10/30 10:54:38 (October 2006).

[29th October 2006]

As most of you will know I am quite a big fan of Fiorentina, Firenze's football team. I am also an happy owner of a team on a quite popular internet game called Hattrick, nothing serious but I like it.

Sport wise the last weekend has been quite bad, I have lost at the last minute the game over the internet, Valentino Rossi lost the championship in a very bad way (MotoGP) and Fiorentina lost at the last minute too a game that deserved to win.

Shit happens!

In the evening we went for a nice aperitif in a bar near the place where I am going to live next, and I ended up at Luca and Laura's place to watch the latest Wallace and Gromit movie.
Memories of England of course ensued, and I have to say that having lived for a long time there helped me in getting a lot of jokes and double meanings that normally a foreigner wouldn't catch...

Oh well, mixed Sunday after all, next week it's going to be quite busy by the looks of it, let's hope I can move to the new house quickly, I really need to start working on it asap...

Comment 1

Ah! I do have this film on DVD, but I haven't watched it yet. I am under orders to only watch it when my son is with me as he is very keen to see it! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/30 15:11:58.

Comment 2

The movie is great of course you'd better watch it, and make sure you keep some cheddar and crackers with you, every time I watch W&G I get so hungry for cheese!!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/30 18:30:06.

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