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The Day After

Posted on 2006/11/20 21:28:07 (November 2006).

[20th November 2006]

The day after Marta was here was quite eventful. Nothing majorly interesting, I had a lot of work to do, finished packing all the selections and presentations that I must send to Japan before I arrive.
Of course I got a mail from a supplier who sent me the goods late and that parcel probably will not make it into the presentation.

The job itself really wore down to making a big excel list, with all the prices and details that I need, then we'll review the whole thing once in Japan.
Since I know little of the way they want me to present the fabrics I could not rule out a lot of things, it would have been stupid, hopefully from the next time, with my space set up and the office running I will be able to make a better job.

This "in the future it will be better" has been a bit of a "fil rouge" in the last three months, and I am growing tired of it to be honest.

I had some time to think about the Marta situation again, we spoke on the phone and she seemed all strange about the fact of having to move and change job.
This sounded a bit of an alarm, as I felt that she doesn't really want to leave the job and the house that she's got. I called the customer care, they called the local Italian Telecom station and they called me on a Saturday, saying that there is very little that they can do, that Tiscali (my provider) is to blame, that the moon is round and that water is wet...
I told her that if she has even a smallest doubt about the whole thing, it's better to call everything off, as there are going to be very hard times here in Florence too, and I don't want her to tell me what great opportunities she left to come to live with me!

In the end she told me that she is ok with the move and I insisted that we try to do everything as quickly as possible, there is no point in waiting months over this issue I think. After all one of the things that was driving the relationship away was the distance.

The rest of the day was spent in an attempt of decreasing the number of boxes lying around. The attempt strictly speaking was successful, but the stuff that were inside the boxes have been just moved from a position to another, with no real definite collocation decided.

The pending trip to Tokyo comes in a very bad moment, I'd have wished more time to sort out my situation here...

Last but not less important ADSL.
Basically the service is there but the connection is behaving EXTREMELY badly. I pay for an 8 Megs connection, but the modem connects sometimes at 3, 5, doesn't connect at all, sometimes connects at 8 as it is meant to be doing.
My hope is that they will come this week, because if they don't I won't get this line fixed until January the 15th if I am lucky (I'll be back by Christmas and in Italy it means nothing gets done). Quite disappointing, but at least I am able to call and surf, so it could be worse..

Comment 1

Hmmm. Doubts are bound to raise their ugly heads... I suppose that as long as Marta can see you are giving up something too, to counterbalance her own committment, you should be OK. It is one very big step for her.

As for the ADSL... Over here the actual, physical line is owned by BT, however I rent my BB connection from Tiscali. So if anything goes wrong with the line, Tiscali get the local BT men on to it. If it is just a configuration setting (and with Tiscali I *know* they can reconfigure) they have to do it. The secret is *not* to get through to the Indian call-centre... :(

Posted by Nigel at 2006/11/20 23:32:19.

Comment 2

This may be no help at all, but the 8MB connection in the UK is called MaxDSL. Its an auto confiuring connection, that from being first installed takes up to 10 days to 'tune' itself to the optimal performance of your line. Apparently( since I don't have this product myself) during this time the speeds may vary until it hash decided how fast it can reliably sustain the connection. Tis may be the issue you face atm. I may of course be also talking complete bollocks and am totally wrong!!

Posted by Kev at 2006/11/21 13:26:30.

Comment 3

Kev: It might be the cause, but on the other side it might also be the modem/router that keeps giving me strange readings for the line... I hope they will be able to check it before the end of the week (I doubt it though), let's see what happens. If they don't come I'll call the customer service again and tell them that we need to adjourn at mid December...

Posted by Lox at 2006/11/21 14:43:24.

Comment 4

Simplest way is to buy a wireless ruoetr with a built-in modem ditch the one Tiscali supplied - ISP supplied modems tend to be the cheapest they can find anywayVA:F [1.9.18_1163](from 0 votes)

Posted by Elena at 2013/03/17 15:23:40.

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