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The night Before Chrsitmas

Posted on 2006/11/24 22:02:02 (November 2006).

[24th November 2006]

Yes, if you add an hefty month to the date above here you'll get exactly the title of this post, but there are other meanings.

When I was a kid I remember, as I believe most of you, that I was thrilled and so looking forward to the Christmas boxing Day galore, that I could hardly sleep.

The anticipation of what those cardboard cubic shaped presents (as the general imagery suggests all presents are red boxes) might contain drove me crazy.

Tonight is the last night I spend in the new house. As a matter of fact, even if today I arranged everything in a way that I could stay here for a FULL DAY by myself, to enjoy the new place, one of the workers that needed to work on the kitchen (that we now found is falling apart), had to come, so the plan, like any other plan I have made in last two months, failed.

Anyways, we were talking about anticipations, and what is better than looking forward for a three weeks ride in Japan? I was talking to Marta tonight, I was telling her how I loved to travel to Japan before this job came along.
Now I am scared, I'd love to finish off the work here in the house, I'd love to spend more time with my friends, I'd love to do a lot of other things that, to use a similitude, once you savour a little, you cannot stop eating.

Am I scared? Yes. Two days before the trip my minds take the lead and cannot be stopped. The usual "the plane will fall" fear, the other usual "thieves will break into the new house", then "I'll get fired", are among the best and more recurring thoughts that usually are attached to a long haul flight.

I perfectly know the extent of a "mind wank" so I know that these thoughts apply perfectly for the role, but still I am not tranquil.
I really wish these three weeks to fly quickly, then it'll be Christmas, then maybe I'll know if Marta will be coming or not.

Yes Marta. The main issue now is the job. She doesn't feel right at leaving the current employers so quickly, and she wants to find a job that "pleases her" in Florence before coming.
All very noble and I agree with her, shame that my experience tells me that it took me TWO YEARS to get the right offer, and also that actually getting an interview it's hell if you don't live in the place.
Moreover her present job is extremely demanding and she really works 8 AM to 8PM every day, so she has little time to look for employment.
Given all of these points I told her that we can wait a bit, but I am not prepared to keep the distant relationship for long, once the decision is taken, job or not, the main point should be living together...

Anyways, there are doubts on both sides, as it is natural for it to be, changing completely one's life it's not easy, even if the heart makes you think so.

So once again, it's Christmas eve, I am worried about those boxes, but I ought to open them and look what's inside, it might even be a pleasant surprise. (rhyme not intended!!)

Comment 1

I'm sure you will be fine in Japan! Are you meeting up with John? Being your own boss means things are more flexible... right?

And remember... Keep your chin up and you can conquer the world!! (And get the lady!!) :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/11/24 22:33:03.

Comment 2

Just testing the new comment posting thing is working here too.

Posted by John at 2006/11/25 05:57:22.

Comment 3

By the way Lox, do give me a call if you get any free time while you're in Japan.

I'll definitely be in Tokyo for the coming week, but not too sure yet about the week after that.

The wedding will be Friday 8th, I've got that whole week off work, and I might be away from Tokyo for that time.

Posted by John at 2006/11/25 14:23:12.

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