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Day Two

Posted on 2006/11/29 04:22:01 (November 2006).

[28th November 2006]

Nothing major to report, apart from the fact that I met Kutsunugi san and I was bloody happy to have seen him. We also went out for dinner with another agent and a supplier (incidentally the company where I should have gone to work).

It was a very good night, reminded me how much experience and knowledge I have got in these five years. Unfortunately in the present job, I can use very little of what I have learned, mostly because it seems that all the answer are already written...

Oh well.

I am getting stressed about the contract as well, the appointment to discuss everything is going to be next week, let's hope that we can finalize.

Jet lag is also killing me, but that's another story.

Comment 1

I *really* hope the contract can be sorted out for you. You have made such a big committment to these guys, they ought to recognise this!

At least you have met with your old friends - which is worth it's weight in gold! :)))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/11/29 06:59:38.

Comment 2

I still have to meet John, I haven't even called him, it seems that 24 hours are not enough for me... I feel so bad about not calling him, as I really want to meet him! As for the commitment it is true, but in my present position I can only hope that everything goes well, shouting now it's pointless... :(

Posted by Lox at 2006/11/29 11:19:50.

Comment 3

Lox: no problem mate!

Call me when you're bored!

Posted by John at 2006/11/29 11:36:15.

Comment 4

Oh,you are in Japan,right??Where do you stay now??

Posted by Jun at 2006/11/29 14:26:22.

Comment 5

Ciao Jun, I am in Tokyo, Yutenji area, but most of the day I am in Harajuku at the central office of the company... I will call you too, sorry for the delay... :(

Posted by Lox at 2006/11/29 22:44:01.

Comment 6

OK!! I will wait your call.

Posted by Jun at 2006/12/01 14:50:34.

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