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Day Four - Better Now?

Posted on 2006/12/01 00:12:22 (December 2006).

[30th November 2006]

After having actually slept for more than two hours the night, I woke up quite fresh and moved to Harajuku where the office is. The day has been mildly boring, we basically had to cut all the fabric that we are going to show in small squares, and that, given also the fact that we had two appointments with suppliers meant that we actually left the office at 8,30 PM.
John called but of course it was too late to see each other afterwards, but after we finished Mr.E. told me that he infact planned a night out with two girls from the office in Shibuya.

This is the typical night where you just want to go to bed, I really had to force me to go, especially because there is this strange indescribable thing in Japan where basically you try to talk your way out something and the reply is a strange face that hints "come on" but followed by an uncomfortable silence that eventually bends even steel, and you end up nodding your way into the thing that you wanted to avoid.

Anyways I went, and as it happens with the nights that you can't be arsed to go out and someone drags you it was a bloody good one!
We went to this wine bar, where the two ladies were waiting for us, I don't even remember their names very well...
Anyways, it was really a good night, I made a show of my wine knowledge prowess, and generally spent some quality time.

Incidentally I have to add that one of the two girls was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, and of course being my mind tireless I started to plan a life in Japan with her, working here, blah blah blah... Oh well, typical me.

Anyways we parted around midnight after 1 Guinness, and 3 bottle of (crap and expensive) wine, so I moved to the hotel where I could happily loose another night of sleep between the hungover and jetlag...

Comment 1

I hope you managed to take some photos. Lox!! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/01 10:13:27.

Comment 2

Nope... you have to trust me... although never say never! :D

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/01 15:00:29.

Comment 3


Posted by John at 2006/12/02 02:59:40.

Comment 4

John: Listen who's TALKING!! I'll say no more, ART GALLERY GUY!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/02 11:53:34.

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