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Day Five - YOU WHAT?

Posted on 2006/12/02 01:11:02 (December 2006).

[1st December 2006]

After having slept with my clothes on until 3,30 AM and then went to bed until 6,30 the start of the day didn't look all that promising.

On Monday we are going to have this presentation and basically the line of work in the past week has been reviewing the fabric that I brought from Italy, discard a good 60% of them, then edit the selection a bit more.
At this point a whole day was spent cutting the fabric in little squares (it took ages as every square has to be like the rest), then we arranged them on the boards according to some "designer feeling" that I had, we then pressed on sticking the actual fabric on the boards.

At 19,30 we finished with the first set (after also sticking numbers on the back of the sample for easier recognition).

At 22,30 we finished everything, to then go and help our boss who was working on an excel list that I had done before, and BY HAND he started to join all the numbers to the actual name of the article and (in theory) he said that he's going to work until 12 after he goes back home (that given the time we left the office was not a lot anyways).

I am learning that office work in this country it's quite hard that it will stick to me. It's extremely regulated, slow, full of strange procedures, not meritocratic and most of all it really seems that you gain an higher respect and position if you put in a lot of hours.

My boss always arrives first of 90 people at the office, he opens it and start his daily routine. I cannot say whether this is needed or not, I have to learn a lot on how things work here, but the fact that I hate most is when for example we are eating lunch with the colleagues and he start telling me something along the lines of "Do you know that when you were sleeping I was already in the office!" (add a smirk of extreme superiority, glitterin eyes, due to the steam rising from the ramen bowl, and a little stuttering-laugh not too loud because we are in Japan, not too soft so that everyone at the table has his attention)...

I replied: "Well.... what time did you arrive? (that's where he's about to have an orgasm as he can prove that he's "the MAN")"

Boss:"Ah, I opened the office at seven, nobody is here until 8,30" (more smirking)

Lox: "Ah, you are really a good one (expression on my face as he shagged 3 women the night before, in order to rub in how goo is he), but I am sorry to tell you that I wok up at 5,30 because of the jet lag, so we were up together today!"

If he was about to explode in a "Nihonjin kick your ass any time" orgasm, that phrase launched at the end of the conversation I hope that provoked a sudden limp of the reproductive organs...

Maybe it's just him, the other people hate overtime, but in the end they comply quite strictly to society's rules. It's interesting because I always used to say that I would have dream to come living here, but if so it has to be in a place that is populated by foreigners.
Talking to one of the girls at the office, Mrs. T., it's weird to see that she is annoyed about the extra work, she doesn't seem to like life like that, but still she complies.

Well I guess that the opposite positive side is that generally there is a great respect of other people here, that leads to very little crime, and generally a very polite society.

Anyways we ended up in this ramen place (chinese spaghetti), while we were eating other guys from work joined, shame that while we were working they were drinking and they were totally drunk, so the conversation was quite strange, but even that got us to 12 PM and yet again I was late home...

IS IT POSSIBLE TO WALK INTO THE DOOR AT 8:00 in this country?!?! I am not asking for a lot, am I?

Comment 1

Ah, seersucker... now I know the trade secret of how it is made... You sleep in your clothes!!! ;)))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/03 07:51:39.

Comment 2

hadi …Œ€Œگ‡:salam khaste nsiaahbn chera moadel 14 baba kasaye hastan ke moadelashon 18 ama chizi balad nistan ma ke moadelamun 13 nemitonim sherkat konim ma ke khodaye computerim,khaheshan masolan darnazar begiran in mavaredo ye emtahane vorodi begirin

Posted by Wojciech at 2012/09/21 10:35:05.

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