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First Weekend

Posted on 2006/12/04 00:09:56 (December 2006).

[2nd - 3rd December 2006]

This was the first weekend in Tokyo during this trip, technically speaking I only have one more weekend to do before I go away, but in reality that means two more weeks ahead of me.

It was a good weekend as I managed to see John and Chie both on Saturday and Sunday, so much talking, drinking and shopping have been on the table for us to enjoy.

It occurred to me that it will be hard being here by myself during the future trips, seeing them even for just one hours is a bloody good thing and I think that I will miss them.

On a more positive note I have an excuse to go to England in the future now! :D

Saturday saw a spot of shopping in Shinjuku followed by Guinness at our favourite(also because is the only one we know) Irish pub in Shinjuku, we then proceeded to a sushi place for a spot of dinner, but nothing more.

On Sunday I have spent most of the time in the hotel, only to meet John and Chie in the evening to go to the group most favourite Veggie restaurant (Rholan) in Ikebukuro, followed by the mandatory whiskey bar (The Quercus) where we also organized a dinner out on the 11th with Watanabe san (the owner).

Then it was back home time, on Monday (actually now, as I am updating the blog in the mornings), I have a huge presentation.

On a more negative note I have been worrying about all the contract stuff that I have to discuss on Tuesday. It had occurred to me that my bank accounts are completely drained, I have spent most of my savings and yet have to be paid for the past three months.
I hope that I get money, contract and everything done in this trip, it will be quite tragic if it was to be otherwise...

Comment 1

I suggest you slip subliminal messages into the presentation relating to the fact that you haven't actually been paid yet. For example:

"This fabric is very popular in Italy amongst successful and efficient businessmen, you know, the sort who get contracts sorted out quickly and make payments on time."

Oh and while you're at it:

"This fabric would look really good in a bridal costume, of course I wouldn't know a lot about that because you've prevented me from going to my friend's wedding YOU BASTARDS!".


Posted by John at 2006/12/04 00:53:30.

Comment 2

I am actually playing "little battered doggy dog" about the wedding (with all my colleagues who will eventually report to the boss I am sure), but the guilty trip for them just doesn't exists! I am really sorry about not being able to come, you don't know how much I feel guilty and generally shit about it... :( STILL, there is hope, I am wishing with all my strengths that the meeting gets cancelled or rescheduled...

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/04 02:47:03.

Comment 3

Well, keep trying!

Posted by John at 2006/12/04 04:42:42.

Comment 4

I can't help thinking that if you are self-employed, Lox, you can do whatever you like!!!! (Money permitting!). I mean, if these people were paying you a lot of money and promptly, I could understand their high expectations of how you allocate your time...!!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/04 06:56:27.

Comment 5

Nigel: Put it this way: I haven't got a signed contract yet, they paid only for 2/3 of September (nothing October and November), so I have very little bargaining power at the moment... :(

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/04 08:09:46.

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