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Day Six - Jesters

Posted on 2006/12/05 02:07:11 (December 2006).

[4th December 2006]

Today it was the big presentation day, so I saw that I would wake up early to have a decent breakfast and all.
Unfortunately during the night I had been haunted by the usual bad thoughts about my contract and everything, but in the morning I forced myself to cast the away.

The presentation itself was quite good, the president of our client really likes me and generally my "jester acting" ability comes in extremely useful when spouting the amount of fashion related bollocks that I uttered...

It's really strange life, I slagged designers for five years and it turns out that what I was criticizing the most (the skill of talking for hours without really saying anything), come in handy to describe Italian Fashion Trends and the likes.

Anyways in the evening I moved to the hotel, where I decided to have a MacDonald, I am not proud of the choice but I am really tight on the money side, the latest bank check that I did today was quite dreadful...

Let's hope that tomorrow the contract side will be sorted once and for all, so that I can be calmer on that side too, of course I will need the money to be paid as well... I have calculated that more than half will go for taxes, then another good 30% will cover the expenses that I had so far, leaving very little for me in the end...

But it is the beginning I knew it was going to be hard...

Comment 1

Glad the presentation went well!! :)))

I can feel myself getting quite annoyed at your empoyers for keeping you hanging-on like this..... :( Hope they get themselves sorted very soon...

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/05 07:10:27.

Comment 2

Although I will write something tomorrow only I can say that the meeting has gone in a very Japanese way... I won't add anything else... :P

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/05 08:30:45.

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