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Day Seven - Flies

Posted on 2006/12/06 00:49:53 (December 2006).

[5th December 2006]

2006 was a good year all in all for me, but if I have to move a criticism it would be that for a gazzillion reasons that I could not control, all the plans that I have made eventually went in the right direction but in their own timing, that needless to say, never coincided with the one that I gave myself, leaving me with fistfuls of flies, most of the time...

Today it was an important day for this trip, as we were going to see the other section of my employer that deals with the final goods and not the textile.
The main problem was of course the contract, in five months since we first talked about this project (me working for them) we haven't been able to sign anything.

The meeting was very civilized, and basically it all revolved around the issue that I am not able to give a name to my company. I won't bore you with the details of how Italian laws are pressed on, but generally speaking, there was no way for me to do otherwise.
I have sent several explanations to this matter, but none seemed to be accepted, yesterday I told the story once more, saying also that now I REALLY need the money, as both my accounts are completely drained.
They were quite sympathetic, and in the end they agreed to get the money coming in before the end of the year (this is necessary so that the turnover will not be accounted in the next fiscal year), which means that we must sign the contract before I leave.

In the end I got (yet again) a nice fistful of flies, or at least it feels like it. Since all my latest plans have gone pear shaped, I am quite sure that this one too will end up completely screwed up, as a matter of fact, like a good general does, I am starting to think what will I do when they will tell me that there wasn't simply enough time:

1. Threaten resignation, stop working for both sections.
2. Accept the situation and wait longer.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was the cattle wagons that I must get on when going to work. Here in Japan there are trains every two minutes, still, at rush hour, they get so packed that you get people REALLY showing people inside in the attempt to ride that train.
I have witnessed some skill and strength from people that I would have never though capable of mustering neither both of them, I have seen little women crushed to death in the mass of bodies and steam that rises from the coats and suits.

The perfect description of what hell would be if you get there by train.

Oh well, that's Japan I guess, I wouldn't take any of that shit if it was in Europe, but here it's quite normal, so there is little point in complaining, I need to get into work a bit later so that I can avoid the "cattle trains"...

Comment 1

I prefer option (1) - they're treating you like a chump and for the sake of your pride you shouldn't accept it.

However, you also probably shouldn't listen to me, as most people don't think ego alone is a valid reason to quit a job!

Posted by John at 2006/12/06 02:31:40.

Comment 2

"A fistful of Flies" is a good phrase - not one I've heard of before - and it sums up the situation well!!

I find that I really am annoyed at your new employers for treating you like this.

As for the train... Yes, that does sound like hell-on-Earth, and I'm reminded of that CD by The Darkness - One Way Ticket To Hell, and Back! :)))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/06 07:41:25.

Comment 3

At the moment I have to wait and see if they move their ass and get the thing done. If by the end of the trip I have neither the contract nor the money then I must send some nasty mail, calm but nasty...

As for a "Fistful of Flies" is a translation of the italian "Pugno di Mosche" let's say I have paraphrased "a Fistful of Dollars" (now that's a great paraphrase, as I should have had a fistful of Euro, but instead I get flies...)

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/06 07:57:08.

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