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Day Ten - John's Wedding Cerimony

Posted on 2006/12/09 00:20:37 (December 2006).

[8th December 2006]

So it happens that John was really going to get married today, which meant that I needed to move towards Hiroshima in the early hours of the day, in order to make it to Miajima in time for the ceremony.
After a short boat ride I got on the island and then off to the temple premises where already several guests were arriving.
Fortunately I know Chie's family so I did all the salutations and then I finally met the groom, ready to get into the fray, before he changed to a proper Japanese kimono.
Needless to say that John was all over the place, totally in panic as you are expected to be in these occasions! Fortunately I was there to hold his hand (not in a gay way though, not today at least), and comfort him with my endless wisdom, by the time I arrived at the tale of my first stroll on the waters or river Arno in Florence, it was time to get started.
The ceremony followed a very strict ritual, as it is meant to be, Chie and John looked immensely good and after the Japanese ritual they dashed to get changed into traditional western clothes. I especially liked this thing because it meant that they wanted to mix the two worlds as their union really signifies.
The party was set to be on a boat that would go to Hiroshima directly and of course there was much drinking action, laughing, talks and so on, but all in all it was really great.
Then it was time for the best man speech, that, due to the fact that I am the only japanese speaking gaijin present meant that I had to do it. Of course I had something in my pocket already prepared, and I am happy to report lots of moments of laughing and a finale that saw even John's eyes watery and eerie just the way I thought!
We all finished off quite late, as you would expect and then we moved to another place (the few of us remaining), for more drinks and bullshitting, then called the night off around 5ish AM. What a wedding!

Now, this is what I wished to write about yesterday's accounts.

The reality is quite different as I didn't go at all at John's wedding, due to the fact that I had been stormed by appointments on the Friday and my boss wouldn't budge.
This meant that I couldn't go at one of my best friend's weddings, which is quite crap. It is doubly crap because John didn't have gaijin friends there apparently (I don't know because I wasn't there), and I know that he would have wanted me to be there just for the sake of saying "Hey,I am represented too!!".
I really let him down, as you know friendship is quite important to me, and I feel really bad about not being able to go.

I am sorry John.

As for the account of the day I had shitloads of appointments, and in the evening our boss decided to call in a meeting and a beer "Nomikai" (hitting on the booze) afterwards. He kept saying how he is quite strict and all of that, but in reality he's a nice guy, that I need to take my time and so on.
He is not that bad as a matter of fact, sometimes he's a bit too "old" in the mentality department, but it's ok. I know that there is a lot of stress on him because of me, it was him who asked the company to get me on board, so in a way he is risking as much as me that if this thing doesn't work the responsibilities are quite clear.
In any case I did tell them that it's not easy for me as everything is new, but in any case until I give that 101% I won't give up. It's just not me, while on the contrary it is very me to choose the hardest way (as usual).
I have been told that I must come here at the end of January again, I don't think it's very necessary but they want me to be there. Then I will go back one day before the shows in Milan and Paris, so basically before the end of February I will not be free at all... And in between the holidays I must find new companies that they don't know, that don't have any agents in Japan and that make a product by the extra cheap / almost china.

I don't even know where to start, and yet I must finish the office and my house refurbishing...

Comment 1

Hmmm. I'm really sorry you weren't able to make John's wedding. Well, at least you were the nearest - and in the right country! :)

Perhaps it's time you told this man - the one who has gone out on a limb to support your employment - that you will not be able to come back in January or February unless they pay you!!!! If finding a company name is the stumbling block in Italy may I suggest just using your own name? After all, all of the best fashio houses are simply names after the person who started them?!??


Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/09 08:17:03.

Comment 2

Nigel: Well maybe it is correct, I was the nearer, but I didn't feel it was enough... At least I called him before and after the ceremony, I hope I can make it to the party that they will have in England at least! As for the name, the company is infact IN MY NAME, but let's leave it there, too much hassle to think of it on a weekend!

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/09 08:44:43.

Comment 3

A surprisingly detailed account considering you weren't there!

Anyway mate, don't go beating yourself up over it - it's just one of those things. Besides, if you had been able to come you'd probably have just annoyed me by stealing the limelight, what with your fancy linguistic skills and your Romanesque good looks, you big show off!

Posted by John at 2006/12/10 08:15:22.

Comment 4

John: AH! I didn't think about it... Well I DID think about all the beautiful Chie's friends that you talked about that were coming though!!! Infact in the detailed report of the wedding I wanted to add the fact that I went off with several "bride maids" but that seemed a bit too much... :D I'll see it that I will come to the English reception (if you ever get around telling me WHEN and IF it gets done)...

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/10 08:32:54.

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