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Second Weekend in Japan

Posted on 2006/12/11 01:08:52 (December 2006).

[9th-10th December 2006]

The second weekend was quite similar to the first, with the only difference that I actually managed to get some sleep this time.

On Saturday the weather was FOUL, strong cold wind and drizzling rain made walking outside impossible. Also the temperature dropped tragically, so I was left with my bonded corduroy jacket getting cold.
As a matter of fact I did go out because I had one of the major tasks of the day waiting for me, buying and IPOD!
And yes, I did buy it, even if I am flat broke, I had been wanting this toy for a long time, since all the severance money went into the company expenses (car, house, trips and so on), this is really my present to myself for having changed job, and since we are there for Christmas too... I got a black 80GB one, I am already loving it to bits, maybe is not the best player around, but I cannot care more, I wanted THIS.
Moreover because of the exchange rate I saved a whopping 130 Euro on this jewel... (in pizzaland because of the Euro the price is irrationally high, they sell it at 399US dollas in the States and 399 Euro in Europe, ok with benchmarking and all what you want, but it smells like a rip-off to me!!).

On Sunday the weather miraculously recovered and I managed to spend some quality time at my favourite praying place even (Meiji Jingu), and then some more Christmas shopping around Harajuku, where I got a turtle neck jumper at GAP and some presents for people back in Italy.
The holiday season will be in full blast when I arrive back, but by the looks of it I will have really little time to work on the presents... I hope that during the week I can get more stuff, there are a couple of things that I must buy still...

I was also meant to see my host family during the weekend, but I didn't manage. Mostly it was because on Saturday we had some things left to do at the office, and afterwards it felt a bit too late to call to go to see them, so I hope that next time I can see them, after all I will be here next month... :(

In the evening the usual sufferance listening Fiorentina's match on the radio (via internet), but we won so I went to bed quite happy!

Comment 1

Good news! Glad you bought yourself an iPod!! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something nice!! And when you can buy something cheaper than in rip-pff Europe, that's even better!!! The pure quality of an iPod is hard to beat, isn't it? Gorgeous gadgets!! ;)

I'm not sure I understand the "host family" bit... Do you need to know someone in Japan before you can stay there?

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/11 06:54:42.

Comment 2

Nigel: Nope, you can come even if you don't know anybody, when I lived here I stayed in this household (2 brothers, father mother), and the relationship was so good that they really became like if they were my family...

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/11 08:33:23.

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