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Day Eleven - Nanimonai

Posted on 2006/12/12 05:23:07 (December 2006).

[11th December 2006]

Nanimonai = Nothing at all...

This is what I have done today, hardly any appointments, in the evening went out with E. san and two new girls, of course the discussion felt on sex and positions and stuff like that... It occurred to me that if I wanted to get laid with someone every different night I might even have the chance given the present state of things.
E. san knows a lot of single girls, sometimes I wish I was more of a tart and less "serious" about life... Ohhh well, that's me really...

Aside from that nothing special to report...

Comment 1

:))) This is a tricky one to reply to Lox!! What you need to do is show E.san that you have great self-control, a will-of-iron no less. And an expert in these marital arts, such as youself, reserves the great pleasure you bestow for only a select few...!

That should do it! (Or else he might think you are gay...)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/12 10:48:09.

Comment 2

Ma cosa aspetti, cretino?! Al tuo posto, non esiterei!!!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/12/12 13:00:22.

Comment 3

Serious? Bollock. You just shit in your pants. You're scared to death! You don't dare for fear of................ for fear of what, I ask you?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/12/12 14:09:57.

Comment 4

Sheri: Really dunno... but I still don't feel like going for these chances, and to be honest I am growing fed up with myself!!!

Nigel: Mmmm Surely he doesn't think I am gay (I hope) although in his Japanese mind I don't think he thinks that we are doing anything wrong... Or maybe he does... Oh well, beats me!

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/12 15:26:19.

Comment 5

I hope "cretino" is an Italian equivalent of the English word "cretin", meaning idiot, etc.

Posted by John at 2006/12/13 13:59:38.

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