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Day Fourteen - Close to goal, major setback

Posted on 2006/12/15 01:02:36 (December 2006).

[14th December 2006]

I think it was 1999 when Manchester United won the Champions League, scoring two goals at the very last minute of a match that they clearly deserved to loose by at least 3-0.

Although the day as a whole was not special at all, the night was highlighted by the dinner that I have had with one of my colleagues, not the usual E. san, but another one.

He's around fifty, has got a lot of experience but he's very laid back in his attitude. Although he works in our team (technically) he doesn't do anything related to the things that we do, he's a sort of freelance guy.
We had a very nice sushi, and got talking about several things, among which my contract situation, which he thinks is totally out of order...

This conversation got sprang back to my mind later, when I arrived at home and I saw the mail from the main section of this company (the section that hasn't managed to get the contract done in three months), saying that I needed to give them more explanations, either than taxes and simplicity reasons, on why I cannot use the name that I decided three months ago, but I have instead to use my own name for the firm.

We had two meetings in which I explained STEP by BLOODY STEP why I had to do this and that, three months of mail asking for the same BLEEDING THING over and over, and yet they come at me with these questions.

I have sent a quite articulated mail to my actual boss (unfortunately he's in Belgium at the moment), strongly complaining about this situation, I haven't threatened any other form of protest, but I have the slight feeling that this matter might become nasty.

For the first time since I started I feel that I might have made a mistake after all. I knew it was going to be very difficult, but I wasn't expecting all this shit coming from that side...

AND NOW MR.IDONTKNOWYOURNAME stop coughing without putting your hand in front of your purulent mouth, I have enough problems as it is and I can do without your GERMS for fuck's sake! (forgive this digression, the guy next to me is spreading Ebola better than green monkeys, while keeping a very calm composure and everything, I wish I could hit him around the head with a sledgehammer!)

So in the end I feel like Byern Munich, they did clearly deserved a victory for all the efforts that they produced in that match, but the cup was lifted by Man Utd and not them.
Such is football, and life, but today I fee like if I have lost my Champion's League final.


Comment 1

I'd like to say one word... "********" Oh no! My self-censorship struck again :(( I really feel for you Lox! This is appauling. I guess their attitude is routed in the phenomenon you explained in your previous blog entry...

One other thing though. You used a classic writer's technique to great effect there!! You started with an analogy and completed it at the end... Class!! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/15 07:12:55.

Comment 2

Nigel: I am happy that you noticed, it was intentional as a matter of fact :D

As for the rest of the post, what can I say? Now I switched to the "gaijin" way, rude, violent and straight, although the target has been my boss only and not the rest of the company, so in a way I am playing it "safe". Let's see what happens, I have little to loose now (unfortunately)...

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/15 07:17:37.

Comment 3


Posted by Sheri at 2006/12/15 15:37:28.

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