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Home Again

Posted on 2006/12/19 06:07:33 (December 2006).

[16th-18th December 2006]

And so I am back home. Sunday was pretty much devoted to unpacking, cleaning, jetlagging and doing some grocery shopping. Plus I got my car back from my mother's place, which is always good of course.

On Monday I didn't really do a lot apart from going to buy that piece of furniture that I badly needed with my mum at Ikea.
Ikea has now become a classic spot for me, not so much for the quality of the goods that they propose, but because of course it is made easy to buy, and since I cannot stand waiting too much time on furniture that I do not know if I will still use when I move the house that I intend to buy in the future, it is a place that I like.

Eventually we ended up buying more than what was needed but it's not a big deal.

I got myself also a garage place for the car, so that now I can rest easy knowing that it is inside rather than outside in the open. It is a new car after all, and this area is not the best in Florence (to give you an idea before leaving from my window on the 6th floor I caught a guy having sex with this prostitute behind one of the big trunks where people drops litter, nuff said)...

I have also decided to start uploading in my ipod all the songs that I have. It's quite a major task to clean up more than 60 gigabytes of songs, so far I managed to organize 8 GB but it's a needed task also because the collection will be a bit cleaner this way...

Enough for now, no big thoughts on life yet, just a plain old "what I did these days" entry... But Christmas is coming, I can feel something brewing there already!!

Comment 1

Sometimes it is good to get back to "normality". Though the view from your window does not sound as good as I expected for Florence!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/19 07:28:02.

Comment 2

I was quite shocked myself, modern society doesn't stop to amaze me!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/19 09:22:21.

Comment 3

Did you get those all important ear defenders yet Lox?... Not sure if they do them in IKEA...
Or is it nice and peaceful where you live.

Posted by Jerry at 2006/12/19 21:40:46.

Comment 4

Jerry: Unfortunately they finished the BROTTO Ear Defenders (entirely made of wood of course) so I have to wait... Ohhhh shame!

Posted by Lox at 2006/12/19 22:16:27.

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