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Posted on 2006/12/25 19:12:12 (December 2006).

[25th December 2006]

And so this is Christmas, the day that boys and girls from all around the globe are always awaiting for, a day of total joy.

When I was a kid I remember the presents, the tree, the anticipation for the biggest day in the year.
I remember once I asked for a football, and although I wasn't allowed to touch it before the big day, I would sneak in the Christmas tree room to touch it, maybe bounce it a bit around the room before quickly putting it back into it's bag.

When I grew up, or at least the latest memories do not live up to those times. Alas.

Today the last episode of a nightmare that keeps repeating every year.

Everything went perfectly well until the very last moment where my mother decided to spoil everything starting a massive argument about the inheritance that my late granfather left to the family.
I won't go too much into details, I really do not feel like it at the moment, but hearing your mother uttering complete nonsense, yet again, that will eventually mean the ruin of a moderate patrimony is really too much.
All garnished by the ever nice "I don't care about my children" coup de grace, that left me high and dry (and out of the door because I couldn't bear it anymore).

Can someone please wake me up and tell me it was all a dream?

Where is my football? I desperately need it.

Comment 1

Sorry to hear the day had a "spoiler", Lox. Ours was ok - the day for potential problems is tomorrow when we all go to Joc's parents for the day - as do the whole family! I tried to hide behind my camera!! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/25 20:28:57.

Comment 2

Sorry to hear of the upset.. My Christmasses have not been the same since my youth.. I guess ultimately tarnished by broken families, passing of my Father and after this, hassle from certain family members over inheritances or lack of, etc etc.. Similar to you I guess.. It's all supposed to be about families coming together isn't it???.. But always seems to get get fragmented by them... Oh well Lox.. Stiff upper lip as we Brits say..
I had a nice quiet day, just myself with my mum and step-dad at their house.. and a H-U-G-E Christmas lunch..

Posted by Jerry at 2006/12/26 12:34:07.

Comment 3

Urrr... A lovely christmass indeed. I envy you!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/12/27 09:38:19.

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