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Year coming to an End

Posted on 2006/12/28 20:14:53 (December 2006).

[28th December 2006]

It seems that the site has gone terribly quiet in recent days. It is surely because of the holiday season, I haven't been writing a lot too..

Well, there is very little to tell.

After the massive row at Christmas day the aftermath was quiet and I didn't speak to any of the participants since Monday. Better this way.

As for the other days, Marta arrived yesterday, today we went shopping in millions of places, there are quite a lot of things to buy for the house and we managed to find most of them, tomorrow there will be a massive cleaning/picture hanging/cables sorting out session.

Tomorrow we will see the other people as well to start thinking about the coming New Year's Eve party. We'll see what we'll come up with.

Just that really.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Japanese contractor FINALLY sent me a copy of the contract.
I signed all the papers and sent them by DHL today, hopefully I might even get paid, and at least for the next 19 months I will have a piece of paper that officially states my work.

At last! :)

Comment 1

Phew!! Good to hear the news, Lox! (...that Marta is with you!!) ... and that the contract finally came through! Well, as you say, at least you have some stability. Are you able to take on your own projects as well as the work for Japan?

Yes, I ought to get writing... I'll see what I can do! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/28 21:24:00.

Comment 2

Good news, about Marta and the Contract! Jolly good show, as they say in England...!

Posted by Sheri at 2006/12/29 19:00:22.

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