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Posted on 2006/12/31 16:44:36 (December 2006).

[Somewhere near six hours before the end of 2006]

I am about to leave the house with Marta to go to the annual New Year's Eve party (that will be duly accounted later).

Time to make some sums and pondering over the 365 days that went by.

2006 has been quite a good year. Compared to 2005 it has been a great year.

I managed to change job, starting something new and certainly difficult, but quite stimulating at the same time.

I managed to move back to Florence, and to get a house and a new car.

I even managed to kick the football again! Yes the operation is definitely a thing of the past and now I only hope that I can play a little longer than for a couple of weeks as it happened recently (due to the business trips)...

Marta might come to live in Florence but in any case however the relationship will end up at least we managed to give it a clear direction better than the limbo in which we were suspended before...

Italy won the World Cup and Fiorentina had a great season too!

John also got married and finally went back to England, as he really wanted and dreamt of for a long time.

There is still quite a lot of room for improvement of course, so I still hope that 2007 will be a rising curve rather than a descending one! Of curse I'll give it my best shot as usual, let's see.

The end of 2006 also marked the beginning of some peace talks, first and foremost with my mum after Christmas, and with that friend of mine who spoiled the whole of November some time ago... Better than nothing...

Ok then, that's it have a great Year all of you readers! As for me I'll try to keep up the good work!

Comment 1

Enjoy the evening!! (And the New Year too!!!!) Best wishes Lox!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/12/31 17:29:42.

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