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Shopping and Stag Do

Posted on 2007/01/07 18:15:11 (January 2007).

[7th January 2007]

Shopping wise the year is going to start in a very "expensive way". Today it was the first day for sales, and I went around Florence with Gianfranco and Silvio to check a couple of stores. To be honest I had already in mind what I wanted to buy, a new coat that I had seen in a shop that I simply love called "Murphy and Nye".

Although the name appears foreign to the Italian land, it is a brand made in the north of Italy, and they make clothes designed for regattas and generally boat-wear. It is done in a nice way, with good materials, and most importantly it's not too "old looking".

So in the end I got the coat, a nice afternoon around Florence and a bit of a chat with my buddies.
One of the main topics has been the stag do night that we would like to have in honour of Francesco who's getting married at the end of March.
The main problem is that he doesn't want to do it!!!


The last night that you can spend with your friends (male friends) doing things that you probably won't tell any other person, maybe just on the piss, maybe in some old and done strip club... I wouldn't want to miss on it, the "last" secret between you and your mates, one of the nights to remember for the rest of your life.

When I get to it I think that I'll love to do like Rob did, a week away in another city in Europe, the last quality time with me and my friends only.

Anyway we haven't give up on the issue, we just need to find a way to coerce Francesco to come.
I think that he's scared of something, but I can't understand what it is...
Surely the fact that it's his first proper relationship makes things a little harder as I am sure that he has to fight the idea of loosing a person if you do "certain" things, or if you don't share every single breath with the partner. Maybe is that, maybe is something else...

Oh well, we'll see what we will come up with, it will be a big miss if we don't do anything in the end, but I guess we'll simply have to accept it...

Comment 1

Yeah... Tricky. I remember I just went out for several drinks with my friends. (OK many more than just several!) It was a great night in noisy places with lots of things going on, but I was glad nothing "dubious" went on. I really just wanted a good drink with friends because I didn't plan on stopping just because I was married! ... :)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/01/07 21:24:37.

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