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Posted on 2007/03/26 20:33:39 (March 2007).

[26th March 2007]

Well in the past two months several thing did happen to me, most of them quite "uncomfortable" to use an euphemism, and all of them contributed to the fact that I was not writing the pages anymore.

At the time of writing I cannot say that there is a significant improvement to report, but at least something is moving.

Work has been the biggest practical problem of all.

Basically there are too many things that are not just right, starting from the money and ending up with the requests of my contractors.
If it wasn't for the past three weeks that I managed to spend completely away from any Japanese person, I probably would have quit on the spot as I was about to do at the beginning of March.

Still the situation needs some serious addressing and doing it through the mails is never the best of the options...
But then again I do not want to hop on a plane to go and discuss about these matters.

In short they came out with a lot more requests that were written on the original contract, saying that they told me about them but they could not write them down in order to avoid some taxes...

On the top of that all the payment system that they set up is backfiring massively as they linked more than 20% of my wage to a commission base salary... As a result in seven months I have not earned a single penny from the commission base, meaning that my wage (the one that I requested) is effectively cut by 20%!!

I foresee a quite hot April and (hope not) a very shaky birthday...

Oh yes.... I am about to turn 32 by the looks of it...

But that's another story!

In the meantime, I am pleased to report my FIFTH consecutive month without watching TV. It is not for a strange sort of protest or anything, it's just that I didn't get around to BUY ONE yet!!
But considering that I am not missing it at all, I think I can live without it, at least until I start sharing my flat with someone who needs it...

Oh well, I feel a lot better without it, to be honest I wasn't really watching it all that much before, but now.... :D

Comment 1

Despite all those problems, you at least sound more pragmatic and less stressed. Clearly being back in Italy is helping matters! :)

Who needs TV when there are other thing to do in the evenings... Taking ladies out, for example!! ;)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/03/26 22:56:44.

Comment 2

Nigel: Alas not much taking ladies out at the moment... Let's say that a bit of action is there, but not as much as I would like to... :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/03/27 08:10:05.

Comment 3

Good to see you back online. Missed reading your blog entries..... and I wish you all the best over the coming months, hopefully there is no where to go but up from here on in :-)

Posted by Malinda at 2007/03/27 14:40:42.

Comment 4

Malinda: Thanks!! Did you actually come to Florence in the end (well not you your business partner)...? I missed writing the blog too, so now that the cathartic period is over I can write again! :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/03/27 15:26:57.

Comment 5

Yes, Stephen made his way to Florence for the expo a couple of weeks ago, we ended up going with wine related give-a-ways. Wine bottle opener, stopper and bag, seems pradictable for Italy but I guess they where a big success. :-)

Posted by Malinda at 2007/03/28 13:33:52.

Comment 6

Malinda: It seems that the products that you propose are quite interesting. In Italy at the moment there is a boom of wine tasting courses and the likes. Glad that you found it positive anyways! :)

Posted by Lox at 2007/03/28 14:56:08.

Comment 7

I am looking for a caodmrcer that will produce results as soon on HiDef TV channels. I bought a couple and returned them as the resolution was just not there although each had´╗┐ a Hd 1080 sticker on it. The results at even the highest res settings were disappointing.

Posted by Open at 2013/03/15 02:26:53.

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