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Getting Ready

Posted on 2007/03/31 10:58:47 (March 2007).

[31 March]

And so that's it, another one down to the marital path.

This time is Francesco which leaves the original group of friends (me, Francesco, Matteo, Stefano and Simone) down to three not being happily followed by a wife or a lifetime partner of sorts.

One more reminder of the fact that time is passing by, that priorities are different from what they were used to be, that while fifteen years ago we were fighting mighty dragons and strict professors we are now switching our focus against those pesky germs that infest our homes and unintelligible bosses at work.

It's like birthdays for me.

On one side I like them, they are an occasion to have a party and stay together with the people you care for, on the other side I hate them, because they bring me back on earth reminding me of that I am yet one year farther from the day I was born.

Oh, and I do hate being at the center of the attention! :D

Anyways, it's not my turn (yet) so I'll have to do my best to enjoy the "bestmanship" that I was bestowed with, the third in the space of a couple of years, which also makes me the most experienced best man in the circle of my friends!

Laters for pictures and the usual detailed account of how it went!

Comment 1

Well at least your head is clear enough to write a blog! :) Hope the party went well!!

I am sure the "right lady" will come along soon... If she hasn't already ;) I didn't get married until I was 33...

Posted by Nigel at 2007/03/31 18:03:03.

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