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Birthday Boy

Posted on 2007/04/04 16:13:13 (April 2007).

[2nd April]

Well, well... it appears that by the Binary Numeric system I have turned 100000, which in return makes me 1012 Ternary-wise, 112 by the Quintal, 40 years old in Octal, and a whopping 20 in Hexadecimal.

Since I like computers and technology and I am generally great, I hereby decide that the Decimal Numeric System is outdated and the world will switch from NOW, to Hexadecimal.


Apart from this massive mind wank I did nothing special for my birthday, so there is very little to report.

Oh well, I never liked birthdays anyways! :P

Comment 1

Today is your birthday??

Posted by Jun at 2007/04/04 16:32:22.

Comment 2

Jun: No actually it was on the 2nd of April, but I haven't updated it in time... :P

Posted by Lox at 2007/04/04 16:47:02.

Comment 3

Well once again: "Many Happy Returns!" :)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/04/04 17:12:50.

Comment 4

Happy Belated Birthday!

It's my birthday this month too, another 19 days but I'm not looking forward to being yet another year old and one more year closer to 30! 30 scares me for some reason. :-)

Posted by Malinda at 2007/04/04 20:36:03.

Comment 5

Malinda: Wellll you are still very young then!!! I have passed that date exactly 2 years ago!! :)

Posted by Lox at 2007/04/04 20:51:35.

Comment 6

Wow, writing it in binary does make you look a lot older!

This is also a good way to avoid being depressed over turning 30, in base 2 it's barely any different to 29. :)

Posted by John at 2007/04/04 23:08:35.

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