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The Spider

Posted on 2007/05/02 08:53:23 (May 2007).

[Tuesday 1st May]

The third episode of Spiderman was the major highlight of the 1st of May bank holiday. Chiara doesn't get any proper holiday, as she works in an hotel and therefore normal holidays are doubly workdays for her.

This meant a very slow start of the day, some cleaning, washing and ironing (long due). Then in the afternoon I did a bit of work, in Japan of course it is not bank holiday so I thought I'd behave Japanese.

Things on the work side are not developing positively, but I will dedicate a full post later about it.

Then it was time for dinner (quite frugal, I have nothing in the fridge), and around nineish I went to pick Chiara up and met the other people at the Cinema.

Federico was rather nice to go two days in advance to pick up the tickets at the cinema, the 1st of May was infact the first day that Spidey 3 started in Italy.

Surprisingly the hall was not full of people (due to the fact that they are showing the film in 800 cinemas around Italy).
Generally speaking this is the worst movie of the series so far, but it is not a BAD movie, it's just too long, a bit slow, and leaves several open doors for a possible number four.
Special effects are great (of course that would explain the 250 million dollars bill to make the movie), plot is a bit eerie, but all in all an enjoyable view.

And VENOM, one of my favourite "baddies" ever, a great character, it was brilliantly made in the film!

Comment 1

If I was a super villain I'd be "THE INTERRUPTER" - basically whenever a super hero got into a big speech about freedom and justice and all that I'd stop them half way into their first sentence and talk about something completely off topic. This would be very annoying for the heroes, causing them to lose their concentration, then while they were off guard I'd kick them in the shins and run off.

Posted by John at 2007/05/02 15:08:40.

Comment 2

Or "THE CRITICISER" - I'd spend the whole time telling the superheroes they were dressed badly, or had been doing a really poor job recently. This would undermine their confidence cause them to in their quest to rid the world of evil, etc.

Posted by John at 2007/05/02 15:16:27.

Comment 3

That last sentence should read:

This would undermine their confidence, causing them to fail in their quest to rid the world of evil, etc.


Posted by John at 2007/05/02 15:17:36.

Comment 4

....oh and "PROJECT MANAGER" - he asks the superhero for a status update every four and a half minutes. This gets him/her really annoyed and he ends up not getting anything done.

Posted by John at 2007/05/02 16:18:32.

Comment 5

I like "project Manager", but it's nothing compared to "GIRLFRIEND" where basically the superhero would get stormed by strange requests and would have to argue all the time about pointless things, clearly "GIRLFRIEND" best weapon, i.e. the "proof of love".

Posted by Lox at 2007/05/02 22:19:51.

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