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Japanese Monday

Posted on 2007/05/14 22:02:00 (May 2007).

[Monday 14th May]

And so it is the first day with the responsible of the team that I work with in Japan came to Florence to go and see some supplier, actually one supplier only to be precise.

This is the first of a three day trip around Italy that will certainly see us talking about the contractual matters that afflict my present work related life.

The day was quite boring, mostly because there was no real need for me to be there if we save the need of having someone to take the Japanese guy from the hotel to the company.
I did absolutely nothing, or very little, but that doesn't strike me as a surprise anymore, because I am getting used to the plastic wall that is put up every time I say something to my Japanese contractors.

I just hope that during this three days we do manage to talk about it, it would be quite disappointing if we don't.

Of course I am not going to start discussing about it, not because I am too good for that, just because it is not my responsibility anymore as I have written quite clearly what I expect and what is not working in the present relationship.

We will see, still I am quite stressed, and the coming trip to Japan in a fortnight is even less appealing than usual... :(

The day saw a nice lunch and differ together with the salesman of the company that we went to visit (I quite hated him when he invited also for dinner, I was planning to find an excuse to leave my boss after work), and we did the usual mumble jumble about the Japanese market, exchange rate, dry touches and casual-elegant look (yes both casual and elegant at the same time)... 'Nuff said.

Comment 1

Would that chat with the boss about contract issues be any easier over a few drinks perhaps? I have heard in the past that it is considered inappropriate to criticise your Japanese superiors whilst in the office, but at a bar there's a different set of rules. Not sure if this is actually true though!

Posted by John at 2007/05/16 13:36:19.

Comment 2

....but it still sounds to me like overall you'd be better getting out of this job altogether!

Posted by John at 2007/05/16 13:37:01.

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