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Posted on 2007/06/02 00:53:44 (June 2007).

[Saturday 2nd June]

As it happened quite frequently during my trips to Japan, I seem to always miss National Holidays back in Italy.
Today I travel, and today is also bank holiday back in Pizzaland.

Not that it makes a lot of difference, it's a Saturday and being self employed means that I can have bank holidays just when I feel like it...

The trip to Japan was an eventful one, a lot of stress to deal with, a lot of difficulties to overcome.
In the end it seems that my complaints reached the correct ears, meaning that it seems that my direct superior is changing his attitude towards me, at least in the last day of my stay.

This doesn't mean anything of course, because I still think that he cannot be trusted, in July, yet more meetings are going to be there to take place and I hope that I will walk (or better fly) away then with something more than just idle talk.

I have quite a lot to do when I go back to Italy, which is quite nice, I can see how I really miss being employed at full scale, surely not what I did in the last two months where they didn't even sent me mails for weeks...

We will see...

Now in the usual lounge, waiting to go on board, surfing the net (where would I be without it?!?), and watching some passengers that just arrived from somewhere disembarking the plane... The look on their faces is quite interesting, you can tell who is here on business, who's had a crap trip, who cannot wait to be home and who is here and is thinking "wow I am in Japan!!", travelling makes me happy in a way, it's nice to see how the world spins away from home.

Point of interest in this trip are the 30 Euro earphones from Denon which are just great, the 3mt cable Hdmi-Dvi that it's impossible to find in Pizzaland (we seem to have only 1mt cables...), some food that I am bringing back from Japan and mandatory Asahi beer.

Ok now it's time to go, another twelve hours flight... I just hope that my neighbour today doesn't have stinking breath...

Comment 1

I guess you should be landing some time around now then? Otsukare sama desu! Okaeri nasai! Nice to have you back in Europe. :-)

Posted by John at 2007/06/02 12:51:44.

Comment 2

More or less, I landed around 14:30 German time, which is 13:30 uk time... Nice flight, crap movies, but at least I had noone sitting next to me, which makes up for the crap that I had to endure during the trip to Japan... Cannot wait to be at hoime!!

Posted by Lox at 2007/06/02 14:32:46.

Comment 3

Welcome back to Pizzaland Lox! See you soon :-)

Posted by Federico at 2007/06/02 15:51:42.

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