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I really have no words....

Posted on 2007/06/24 13:24:20 (June 2007).

[Friday 22nd June]

This must have been one of the worst days in my life, a day when everything that you touch turns to crap, and where if something can go awry it will in the worst possible way.

Where do I start?

1. Work
Still quite crap, I was meant to meet the colleague of mine that was helping me out, but the unfortunate turns of event meant that I could not see him until Saturday, and anyways it would have been better not to meet because the news from his side are completely crap... :(

2. Love Life
A greek tragedy. After two weeks of arguments with Chiara she decided that it was more appropriate to spend time with her friend in Morocco rather than stay with me (one of the major points of argument was the fact that she works a lot and we rarely see each other like any other "normal" couple, i.e. weekends and holidays together...), but to be honest this issue is not my priority anymore...

3. Car
As many of you might know from reading the messageboard, my new car has been stolen from the guarded car park where I used to keep it.
I cannot tell you how upset and angry I am, especially because I found out when I really needed it to go and see some clients that came to Florence to see me... Of course I had to cancel the appointment and started calling some people that might help me, as I really did not know what to do in that situation. Late in the night we then went together with the owner of the garage to report the car stolen to police.
I am really really upset because I pay a guarded car park especially to avoid the car being stolen, and of course that was to no avail. Now all the insurance thing must start but it is clear that I will not see any money until October/November if I am lucky...
Which of course poses another problem, the fact that I do not have a car anymore... Fortunately for the time being I can take my granny's car, which brings us to the fourth point...

4. Dogs
While I was walking to my grandmother's house minding my own business I have been attacked by a dog. The dog was on a lead, but the lady who was keeping it didn't realize that it was running towards me and didn't pull it back promptly. Fortunately the dog did not bite hard into my flesh, but it completely destroyed my pair of trousers... Fortunately the lady is insured, but now I have to look into this matter too.

All in all a tragic week ended with a even crappier Friday, as Tim pointed out it resembles the very crap period that I have passed in Reading when Claire dumped me, my bike got stolen and another million different annoying things happened to me...

I hope that the run of bad luck will end here because I really cannot take it anymore... :(

Comment 1

Poor, poor Lox.

I think I probably would have been able to cope with any of these things individually, or even a few of them combined... but together that's just terrible. Especially the car, that must be a really horrible feeling.

I wish I could be there in Italy so we could jointly drown your sorrows.

I know it sounds a bit useless what with me being where I am and everything, but honestly if there's anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask.

Posted by John at 2007/06/25 20:25:39.

Comment 2

Thanks John, your comment is more than enough, I have to sort out the mess now, this week will be like a sort of summer cleaning session, then I need some action to be undertaken... I just hope that all the solutions will not drag too much into the future...

Posted by Lox at 2007/06/25 23:56:54.

Comment 3


At least your posting didn't get deleted before you clicked submit. THAT would have been the icing on the turd.

Posted by tom at 2007/06/28 13:59:52.

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