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Life by Night

Posted on 2007/07/06 16:17:43 (July 2007).

[2nd - 6th July]

I am sure that everyone stumbled upon one of those postcards depicting this and than place "by night", usually perceived as the best time during the day because it's linked to activities that involve either sex interaction and alcohol.

Of course this or that city with all the lights on are also quite pretty.

Well my week has been a night based one mostly.
As a matter of fact the daytime is now back to the old "nothing at all to do" routine, I am sure that most people would not complain about it, how many people dream of taking time off their busy schedules to do nothing at all? Probably many.
Well, after such a long time (it started September 2006) of long periods of inactivity I can say that I'd gladly do without all this time at hand.

Anyways night time helps me out because it's easier to sort out appointments with friends, girlfriends, football matches and so on.

In a way it's like if I led a life only by night, the day it's a bliss of boringness and heat. As for the latest news:

The car situation is now in the hands of a lawyer, but apparently I'll be lucky if I get the full sum of the "used" car value (the car was 7 months old). The full amount it' impossible, it seems.
We could sue the garage for negligence, but these legal proceedings tend to take 5 to 10 years in Italy...

The dog is also in the hand of the lawyer, let's hope to have something coming from that too...

Job wise the situation is dreary, I am now looking actively for a new job, let's hope I can find it. The pending trip to Japan is like having to go through surgery without anaesthetics, but it has to be done. Also I must try to understand what do I have to do in case I quite the contract. Thanks to that source of stress sleeping at night is becoming quite hard...

I managed to win a five a side football tournament yesterday (Thursday), quite a nice thing, we won a special voucher to go to a pizzeria to have a dinner together!

Now the weekend looms ahead, I hope to have some time to spend with Chiara though it seems that it's more of her schedule than mine that needs some serious adjusting... Oh well...

Comment 1

I'm drinking a rather nice single malt right now (a Caol Ila from the whisky society). I suggest you anesthetize the dreariness in a similar way.

Posted by John at 2007/07/06 21:39:49.

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