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Japan here I come

Posted on 2007/07/17 14:14:19 (July 2007).

[16th - 17th July]

So here I am again after spending a marvellous Sunday with Chiara, roaming around shops and malls for the sales, hence refurbishing my wardrobe and depleting my pocket money. The weekend prior to the trip has been quite good, on Saturday I went out with Gianfranco and in the evening we went to see the new Harry Potter movie (quite disappointing, but I read all the books so I wanted to see it), and Sunday I had all day with Chiara, as it didn't happen in a long time.

Off to a good start.

The trip itself was something of a black pearl, I used my last free upgrade tickets so I was flying Business instead of the usual economy, this was a good change compared to the late trips that I have done.
Shockingly I even managed to throw in more than the usual 1 hour sleep, I think that for the first time in my life I managed to doze off for at least 3/4 hours on a plane!
This was also helped by the fact that the movie selection was bordering total crapness.. Oh well..

Japan is in the middle of "Tsuyu", or the rainy season, quite hot and wet as you can imagine, and as a matter of fact I didn't have the usual sun to welcome my coming this time, but a rather annoying drizzle.
First day in Japan was rather standard, I tend to do very routin-esque actions.
I eat Tokatsu at lunch and MacDonalds in the evening (yes I know it's shite but it's easy and quick so for the first day it can do the trick).
The guy at the reception told me that he gave me the room that I had last time, they all look the same unfortunately so there is no way to tell, but I am pretty sure I have never been in this one! :D

Shopping for snacks at the local supermarket it's also another routine that I managed to complete successfully.

My coming to Japan was not an uneventful one though. First of all it is raining, as I said before, but most scaringly a massive earthquake apparently damamged the biggest atomic power plant in the world (near Niigata), which now has been shut down. Mmmmmm if I have to "read" signs, this cannot be a good omen.

Workwise my dear boss saw fit to send me a mail while I was flying asking that I get some answers from Italian suppliers tomorrow morning (when I will get to the office), it's bordering stupidity this attitude, I am not supposed to work the day I land, but of course this doesn't seem to be of concern. I just hope that I can leave these people soon, the wheel MUST start spinning a bit towards me after all the recent events and the crap year that I have spent workwise...

Ok time to go to bed now, tomorrow I am awaited at the office, a mail from a colleague told me that my seat has been moved and that the new place is a bit "strange", if it took a mail to tell me so it means that it must be VERY shit...
Oh well....

Comment 1

Nama nama nama!

Posted by John at 2007/07/17 20:58:42.

Comment 2

John: As I wrote on the messageboard, I had a rather gay CHU-HI lemony flavoured, which was refreshing but a bit too dry for my taste... Still 7% Alcohol in it is quite a lot! :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/07/17 21:17:37.

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