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The good Face

Posted on 2007/07/18 13:09:11 (July 2007).

[Wednesday 18th July]

Putting a good face in front of adversity, showing that all in all things could be worse and that there is always a solution to problems.

A good face is also needed when you are relating yourself with others, because politics have taken the upper hand over instinct and telling this or that person what you really want is not exactly the right thing to do.

Today I am showing one of the best “good faces” ever.

Let's go back to when I was younger, much more headstrong, stubborn, sure about the targets in life and the “right” way to reach them. No compromises.
Now I have learnt, mostly on my skin, that the art of compromise is something that needs to be learnt fast and furiously, in order to manage to cross the river of life without too many injuries.

Well, I am still far too much proud for my own good, but let's say that I got a little bit better.

Going back to today, the good face is there in place. I got to the office this morning to find out that the place that I usually have has been give to someone else.
Not that I am upset about the place itself, it's the fact that I have been allotted a space around 30 meters from the actual place where the rest of my team seats.
So far so good, I have little to tell them anyways, but still one major issue remains: the internet connection.
As a matter of fact it seems impossible for them to give me a bleeding account on the company lan, so I have been connecting with a dial up all this time.
The dial up connection is not available in the new place, so basically I need to work in a place, but move my computer all the time I need to surf or download/send mail.
Interesting the fact that the dial up position is located near the area where the rest of my team is.

So my question is: “Why don't I just sit where the dial up is?”... I'll try to give an answer to that question in the future.

I also forgot my adapter for the Japanese plugs, meaning that my Mac has only a couple of hours of battery left, but fortunately I managed to scavenge a piece of a power cable that just fit the power unit of the Mac so now I can use my mobile freely.

Yes the fact that they made me come but I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do is another thing that gets me. I'll try to hint to the fact that maybe it's better if I stay in the hotel if I need to be completely unemployed.

The afternoon will see us going to the exhibition place that we will attend from tomorrow. A two days meeting that I really do not look forward to, especially under the heavy jet lag that I seem to have all the time I come here.

Hence a good face, really trying hard to think about the things that make me happy, there are many positive sides of coming here so I need to focus on those, because if I look around I am not going to make it through the 14 days that still separate me from going back to Italy.

In the afternoon I had to endure a massive meeting with all the people that will be part at the show tomorrow and Friday, a big presentation thing, that has been completely useless, overorganized, boring and more than everything LONG. Then after that a sort of “informal” but yet very formal dinner, where more microphone presentations occurred, but there I managed to escape quite early and I am now home for a needed rest.

Good point of the end of the day is the fact that my Mac managed to find an unprotected wi-fi network that I am now using to download massive amounts of data! :D

Comment 1

ti posso dire una cosa??????


Posted by LEILA at 2007/07/19 22:24:40.

Comment 2

Leila: Now, that was refreshing! :D (and please post in English...)

Posted by Lox at 2007/07/19 22:59:08.

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