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Weekend in Tokyo

Posted on 2007/07/23 03:01:03 (July 2007).

[21st-22nd July]

After a rather heavy end of the week, as detailed in the previous post, I had a whole weekend to recover and try to get the jet lag tamed.

In Japan is now sales season and the exchange rate is quite favourable for us Europeans, so I decided to devote myself to some shopping.

Although the weather is quite crap because of the monsoons, I decided to to get deterred by it and moved to Shinjuku to go to Bic Camera, my favourite technology shop in Japan (of which I am also a proud possessor of their point card!).
Targets are a self powered USB hub, an external Hard Drive (self powered, at least 300gb), some gizmo that they sell here to wrap the ipod earphones around so that they are all neat and cool, a replacement for the Ipod car-FM transmitter that was stolen together with my car and other things nice that in this country never fail to amaze me.

I then decided that I needed a new pair of trainers, they are much cheaper here, not sure why is that, a new pair of 5 a side footy shoes, new shin-pads, and if something really jumped off the shelf to catch me that too...

When shopping for technology I always first "survey" the potential acquisitions. Then I move at a later stage to make the kill. This time it has been the same also because I haven`t got much cash with me I need to exchange some more during the week.

In the end I bought the earphones thingy, the footy shoes, the shin-pads, the t-shirts and a Polo sweater. The big techy goodies and the shoes will wait till next week.
All in all it was a busy Saturday going around Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku.

On Sunday same story, but on a shorter time span, I went to see some shops, played some coin-op games (although the new gen games are impossible for me to play because they require trading cards and a command of the language that I do not have, but I have to say that I`d kill to be able to play them because they look really nice!), then back home to speak to Chiara over skype.

In the evening a Yakiniku (grilled pork which you cook yourself), which turned out expensive and rather unsatisfactory, and then off to bed, fortunately it seems that I am managing to deal with jetlag better than last time! Let`s hope it keeps this way!

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