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Posted on 2007/07/24 03:43:48 (July 2007).

[Tuesday 24th July]

At the time of writing it`s a glorious day in Japan, sun is shining and the rainy season seems to have left to let summer come in.

It`s now approaching midday and I have been idle all morning, hardly something that I like, but it seems that the fact that I am not "close" to my colleagues makes me a sort of even more outsider than what I used to be.

I think that if I leave nobody will notice, apart from the nice ladies next to me that are curious about me and my "gaijinness".
It makes me remember how much I like Japan, as you do feel out of things, but you are also looked at in a different way, and that makes you feel special, which of course it`s a good feeling.

Anyways, yesterday I went home relatively early because I had to stop by at the office in Ebisu to sign some papers and then it was time for some Ramen and go back to the room.

WOW, right as I am typing we are having a minor earthquake, nothing serious by the looks of it, but considering that we are on the 8th floor of a rather tall building it`s not exactly what I call a "reassuring" experience.

I hope that the situation improves in the afternoon...

Comment 1

Hope you are OK Lox!! Yes, there was a BBC news story a few days ago about an earth-quake in Japan. The world is going crazy - look at our floods :(

Posted by Nigel at 2007/07/24 20:38:58.

Comment 2

Nigel: I really start to believe that it's the world telling us to "stop" being a complete set of arses and start taking care about it a little bit more....

Posted by Lox at 2007/07/25 00:25:51.

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