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Posted on 2007/07/27 07:55:14 (July 2007).

[Wednesday 25th July]

It didn`t quite go as planned... The famous meeting with the big cheese of my actual contractor turned out in the usual quarter sized victory, i.e. a three quarter loss...

To make long things short, in the morning my colleague Tsunemi san told me that it would have been netter to approach the meeting in Japanese, as the boss doesn`t know English all that well. For a starter it was a rather bad one, but I agreed to try my hardest.

The three points that I put forward have been:

1. Pay 20% under what we agreed
2. Problems with the work that I am doing (or rather NOT doing)
3. Internal communication and attitude issues for certain people (actually only 1 person)

Well I managed to get:

1. Write a report before end of September, then we will take into consideration adjusting NEXT contract which will expire in March 2008.
2. I have worked too little with them to do what I want to do, and anyways there is little that he can do because everything is managed by the team director.
3. He`s very aware of that, actually I am not the only victim by the looks of it, but I have to drink the bitter chalice and keep going if I want to stay.

He also added that they are not going to fire me, that they were not expecting results from me in the beginning.

I have given myself some days to ponder the next step because given the answer I gathered really little from this talk.

But then again, what was I expecting?!

Comment 1

Lox: every instinct I have tells me you should just leave! It is really hard to imagine the situation improving in the short to mid term, even if it might eventually get better long term, do you really want to keep suffering until then?

There is no reason to be down on yourself about the whole thing - based on the information you had available before you took the job, it was probably a good move. Now things have turned out differently to how you'd hoped, which is a shame, but that's life! You can spend weeks reading restaurant reviews, but until you actually go and eat there you never really know...

I would just say that you tried something a bit different, it didn't work out, so it's ok to just call it a day and try something else instead.

Posted by John at 2007/07/27 23:12:41.

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