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They think it's all over... It is almost!

Posted on 2007/08/02 01:36:15 (August 2007).

[Thursday 2nd August]

Well well, where do I begin?

I guess I broke the news on the board yesterday, but by the looks of it the collaboration with my present employer seems drawing to an end.

All the talks and discussions that we had during these days seem completely useless, under the light that has been shed upon the contract matter yesterday.
Basically it seems that although there might be a chance to adjust the contract under the monetary point of view, point that is starting to hurt quite a bit, the work side of things will pretty much remain the same.

During these two and half weeks my direct responsible hardly ever spoke to me, everything that he had to ask he did it sending other people to tell me. I have been a ghost to this person for a fortnight, at least I hope that I was a little bit scary!!

The bottom line is that my employer does not want to quit our agreement, but on the other side all the work that I must do, must be done through this person, and must be handled by him alone.
No other party can intervene, this is what the big cheese said.

It is easy to see why, in this way the blame and responsibility for my part of the job falls solely on this person, if I was to be "shared" with others also that part will be shared.
The funny thing is that there are several colleagues that want to work with me directly, but of course I told them that they must sort out the internal relationships before doing anything.

So in a way it was kind of hinted that I start making my own collection of fabrics, then try to sell it through my boss, but of course since he is not going to do any follow up, even if I have a Ferrari for a quid nothing will come out of it.

This brings the second point, if I do not bring results, even small ones, the company is going to cut the contract next year. In the meantime I would have to endure all the bad treatment and requests that might come, pretty much as I did until now.

As you can see this is a clear message that they want me out, but they do not want to "fire" me as it would look bad...

What to do now?

The notice period is six months before the end of the agreement, else the contract is renewed another year, since it expires in March I have time till end of September to decide.

I have asked the colleague that is helping me if they still pay me during those six months. Seems a strange thing to ask, but the contract that we signed states my tasks quite clearly but I have not been doing this job at all, quite another as a matter of fact. All the tasks are "supplier" related, there is no mention of compulsory travels or attendance of customers or direct sales on my behalf...
He said that surely they will pay while I look for another job position, even if I do not travel, but this time, before I make a decision, I want some sort of official answer...
My fear is that this thing will get messy and I might have to press legal charges against them, but even if I think that I have all the rights to do it, I cannot imagine a lawsuit on the other side of the world!!

Together with these great set of news, now I must start seriously thinking about a new job, task that doesn't appear all that easy at the moment especially because the holidays are starting tomorrow for many Italian companies and interviews are a no-no...

Oh well, set aside the total feeling of being a failure I really worry about what will happen next. Guts tell me to just leave this world of textiles for good, but it's also true that changing job completely is something that I have not managed to do during these years (and I have tried)...

I'm on board in half an hour, I can't wait to be home, this time Japan has really been bitter for me...

Comment 1

Sounds like you need a holiday.

Posted by Mad Mumsie at 2007/08/02 09:18:17.

Comment 2

Lox: Don't despair! You are eminently employable!!! Your skills and knowledge are very saleable commodities. Once you are "back in the market" people will soon come calling!

You are NOT a failure- your current empoyer has failed you because they hired you for a job that probably looked good on paper, but in reality, they haven't the balls to let you do. They seem so wrapped-up in "red-tape" that they've forgotten what an asset you could have been had they let you take a lead.

Besides - all wasn't total gloom was it? How about that nice day out with Yuka-San? :)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/08/03 22:25:04.

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