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45 Gigs

Posted on 2007/08/06 21:42:31 (August 2007).

[6 August 2007]

Technically the Ipod ordeal that I had to endure started two days ago, when I was trying to backup my music library onto the external hard drive that I bought in Japan and that will serve as a network disk attached to the Airport Extreme that I have bought before leaving for Asia.

Once I copied all the files onto the new hard drive (something around 9600 mp3s) I realized that the plain copy did not work in the way I expected, there were too many files and I believe that some of them went missing in the process, as comparing the two directories (the original with the newly created one) did not show the same number of files...

I hope to solve this issue by zipping the files in a huge single archive and then copy and extract it on the other drive...

But the real problem was the fact that when I was trying to import all the new songs from the network drive Itunes decided that the so important library.xml file with all the data of all my songs wasn't needed anymore, and thanks to a crappy network failure (my Netgear dongle keeps disconnecting when I copy files over the network and I do not understand why), basically the file got deleted!

So I had to re-imput manually all the ratings that I gave before (fortunately the Ipod still has them inside), and had to rename a LOT of songs as the ID3 tags were still screwed up (I really never bothered getting them right)... A two days work, boring as hell that I just finished now, and still I do not know if I will be able to have all the music on the network drive so that the Mac and the Pc can share the files...

I have to say that the fact that you cannot get that data off the ipod onto Itunes again is a pain in the arse, all the programs that would do that must copy all the music off the Ipod, but they are all payware and the free ones that I have tried made a mess of the songs and ratings...

Finally the work is over (I hope) and I have already backed up the Library.xml file in three hundred different places, but life could be easier if the DRM protections weren't there!!

Oh well, you live and learn I guess...

In two days we are off to Sicily for the holidays, I have managed to finish all the work related tasks and now we are about to prepare the bags. I still have a lot of ironing to do but I'll get around that tomorrow I guess!

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