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Update and Sicily

Posted on 2007/08/22 21:35:31 (August 2007).

[Wednesday 22nd August]

I am back from the holidays, I am working on the picture/blog update for the Sicilian trip that I just finished.

The trip was generally great, saving from a tragedy that occurred to my camera, which was thrown in the bin after just two days of the start of the trip.

It's all my fault so that will serve me as a lesson I guess.

Back in Florence it's old routine, trying to sort out the problems at work, although since all the companies are on holiday I can only really start working from next week... Oh well...

Soon the picture and trip update!

Comment 1

Sorry to hear about your camera - but these things don't last forever! I'm on my fourth now, and as a general rule I didn't replace them when a newer and flashier model came out, but instead just waited until each one broke. Although the third one seemed to refuse to give up and die, the first two only lasted a year or so each...

Posted by John at 2007/08/22 22:56:25.

Comment 2

Well I agree, I don't go for the newer models, so far this is the second camera that breaks on me (or under me should I say?). The others have been replaced because they were bulky or didn't satisfy my needs anymore... The one that just died was really good, but I guess it's time to move on...

Posted by Lox at 2007/08/23 00:51:30.

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