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Lukewarm and bored

Posted on 2007/08/30 13:13:08 (August 2007).

[27th - 30th August]

On Sunday Fiorentina played the first match of the season and won against Empoli, I would say that this was quite an event for Sunday.

All the rest of the week I have been trying to get some work done, shame that most of the companies are still on holiday and in the end I didn't do much.

Workwise the situation is getting uglier and uglier, like a lukewarm pint of Guiness, and I am stressing a lot thinking what I have to do to get things moving in the future.

I'd love to just quit the current job, but as I need money to survive this is hardly an option, at least until I can get something different.

I have tried sending a couple of mails at the beginning of the week to potential employers but so far no answer came (I know these people so I expect them to tell me something at least)... All of this adds on the stress of course...

September looks like a very busy month for me, and the prospect of having to spend time with people that I really have no intention to see is not very nice to me. Probably this is also cause of further frustration, which is leading to an old friend of mine, back ache.
Yes it seems that when I am in deep stress my back starts hurting and I cannot sleep. Quite terrible if you ask me...

Tomorrow big meeting with the lawyer to start all the claim process for my stolen car, as yet I do not even know how much I can count on, so I have borrowed my grandmother's car for the time being... Chiara thinks that I should buy a Golf again, but I really do not feel like it anymore, I mean that was the very first car that I have bought and it lasted 8 months... I think that I'll move to something different, but it much depends on the amount of money that I can count on...

All in all, the bad period continues, little by little I am sure that I'll sort things out I just would like for things to be a lot smoother and quicker...

Comment 1

Yes, I can sympathise all round, Lox. Work has not been MY favourite topic either recently! As for the car... I don't know what it's like in Italy, but when my own car was hit from behind (which by coincedence has lead to my own back problems!) and even though the other party admitted their guilt - it still took over a year to get the money for the repairs, which I had to fork out for myself initially. Hope things work out better for you!! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/08/30 22:12:28.

Comment 2

Mmmmmmmmm. I cannot but sympathize with you, my friend. Forza Lox !
Have a good fuck. It helps.

Posted by Sheri at 2007/08/31 19:41:25.

Comment 3

Thanks guys, unfortunately things are not improving a lot, and sexual intercourse, as correctly advised by Sheri, doesn't seem to work all those marvels that I wished! :D

Posted by Lox at 2007/08/31 22:18:16.

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